Belgian Flyball Federation

Rankings represent tournaments held through 31-Dec-97

1Lupus A18.6828 septemberEspace Canin; Charleroi
2Jolly Jumpers19.0628 septemberEspace Canin; Charleroi
3Hoboken A19.646 juliVeille et Protge, Villeroux
4Sloeber Super Dogs19.9318 maiKleine Paepedaelen, Reet
5Turbo Dogs20.2728 septemberEspace Canin; Charleroi
6Lucky Jumpers20.4526 oktoberBrabo, Brasschaat
7G.H.V.Tornado's20.4726 oktoberBrabo, Brasschaat
8Black Brains20.6230 novemberBelgian Border Collie Club
9K.K.K. Speedmasters21.0123 augustLupus, Halen
10Thunderdogs21.2026 januariHoogerheide
11Sloeber Dream Team21.631 juneTer Dries, Berlaar
12Funny Jumpers22.3130 novemberBelgian Border Collie Club
13Canin Bal24.3030 novemberBelgian Border Collie Club

The Eurodogshow at Kortrijk again proved to be a milestone in Belgian Flyball.

Mark Dewilde reports:
In 1989 the very first demonstration was held the following years a demo tournament was held, even with some international teams like Holland, Germany and France.

In 1995 there was the extremely huge input from the BFA, bringing boomerang boxes, matting and electronics, showing for the first time in continental Europe real international flyball racing. Because of this huge success, some dog training clubs came together and agreed on adapting NAFA/BFA racing rules. We had a lot of demos and tournaments with a total of 14 teams competing. By the end of april we had built our own electronics and more and more clubs are starting up Flyball.

Now in the 1996 edition, exactly 1 year after starting real competition, we have a sub-twenty team, Hoboken A with a time of 19.71 sec. (jumps 37,5 cm) they raced:

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