The Winter League
Report from Nigel Bouckley
(Reckers Team Captain)
Well it's not really a report, I thought you might like a few snaps to go with the report (in the last issue!), sorry I didn't have them then. Thanks to our "multi talented" editor for the Lord Lich' snap shots.

The "Wasps" MultiBreed
Robert & Sadie, Pat & "that oh so fast" Henry, Beverly & Kim and Allen & Herbie

I included this one as it is one of the teams tipped to do well in '95 (seeing as they knocked us [the Reckers] out of the Eukanuba qualifier last year).

Henry's Pirates
Tracy & Roxy, Dawn & Growlbear, Sheila & Henry, Liz & Ellie and Hayley the loader

I hope you like them, sorry if the reproduction isn't brilliant, but you get the idea!
Happy Flyballing


(If anyone has any photos after an event that they think may be suitable please let me have them to pass to Nigel to try and scan in! All photos will be returned - Ed).

Ryeish Green
22 January 19/95

Report from Anton Wittwer
(Jets Team Captain)
This was an invitation fun event hosted by the Jets and Vikings. It was directed towards those just starting out in International Flyball Racing or teams with limited experience. The morning session concentrated on basic training for single dogs and handlers, and for most it was the first time they had encountered rubber matting and the noisy atmosphere of Indoor Flyball. For those able to cope, some time was devoted to improvements for team running and tactics, with attention being given to specific problems. During the lunch break, an intro was given to the electronic Timing Equipment. The afternoon session was given over to a very informal competition where those dogs and handlers that had made sufficient progress were given a chance to take part for the first time in a competition. Jumps were left at 8" high, and barriers and jump wings allowed, with an element of training continuing throughout the event. It proved very popular, and the improvement of the dogs and handlers became clearly evident. It was interesting to see many of those who I had thought I had got to know over the last few weeks of basic training, show surprisingly quick evidence of their previously undetected and very competitive spirit once actual racing commenced. This appears to be the norm with Flyball Freaks!

The results of the Fun Round Robin Event are as follows.

				     Points 	Fastest

	1st	Bassett Allsorts	24	23.11
	2nd	Jump Jets	        20	22.68
	3rd	Mads II	                18	23.71
	4th	Mads I	                14	23.27
	5th	High Flyers	         8    	23.93
	6th	Champs		         6   	27.17

I hope that all those that attended the day enjoyed it as much as I did. You don't often see box loaders running back with a dog to ensure its return! It may not be to the rules but it may well be a good way of introducing people and dogs to our sport. Many Thanks to Penny 1, Penny 2, Ken, the Jets and the Vikings for all their help.


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Nigel Bouckley,