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Hosting Our 2nd Bi-State 500 Flyball Tournament

September 16th & 17th
Marshall-Putnam Fairgrounds in Henry, Illinois

NAFA Sanctioned
Unlimited Multi-Breed Racing
Regular Racing Limited to 15 Teams Each Day
Veterans Racing Offered Each Day
Brand New Tuff-Spun Matting
On-Site Camping Available

Angie Roesch: 636.940.7277
Chris Williams: 636.940.7277

Our dogs are kept in top condition by Dr Ava Frick at the Animal Fitness Center. She specialize in the diagnosis and management of injuries, disease, nutritional problems, chiropractic, rehabilitation procedures, and pain management.

15 Second Club
Spring Loaded "Offspring" (World Record) - 15.22
Spring Loaded Multibreed (World Record) - 15.36
Touch N Go "A" - 15.42
Rocket Relay "A" - 15.42
Rude Dogs "A" - 15.48
Instant Replay "Gold" - 15.58
RPM Dog Sports "A" - 15.59
Hi-Performance Border Patrol "A" - 15.78
Spring Loaded "B" - 15.79
Hyper Flight "Stealth" - 15.83
High Velocity "A" - 15.85
New England Trailblazers "Red" - 15.87
Top Dog Racers "Chain Reaction" - 15.89
Rocket Relay "Blue" - 15.92
XDOGS "Xceleration" - 15.95
New England Traiblazers "A" - 15.96
Touch N Go I Multi - 15.97
Rocket Relay "Blue" - 15.92

Upcoming Competitions
Amana , IA Jul 8-9
Madison WI Jul 21-23
Jefferson WI, Sep 1-3
C'Ya best time 17.32, Division 1 here we come
All Fired Up (multi-breed) sets new best time, 18.44
Mickey earns Flyball Grand Champion 40K title (40,000 points), first in Missouri
Phoenix ranked #2 Smooth Collie in NAFA

Spring Loaded 15.22
Spring Loaded 15.36

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