About Us

Welcome to the Double Impact Flyball Team Web site.  At this site you will discover a little about Double Impact and the sport of Flyball. 

We are a group of flyball enthusiasts from Southern Ontario. Our team is made up of both novice and seasoned dogs and handlers. Each dog on our team is a valued member of his/her human family

Double Impact Flyball Team began at Rocket Relay’s tournament in August of 1997 with Doug and Zack Cameron.  Mary and Lisa Shoebridge are original members that run the team today...

There has been some inquiries about skid boots made by one of our members.     For a custom pair of Stopper Boots for your dog, contact Peter

Double impact competes in NAFA sanctioned tournaments. We also run in U-Fli tournaments with the Peoria River City Flyers.  We are proud to say that 4 of our dogs were listed on the winning team in  Division 2 of the 2015 Championships.

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