Flash's top team FlatOut set its first team-best-time at FAX May 16, 2009 running a 16.974 !! Thanks to Twister, Beany, Jack and Tara for putting Flash in the 16 second Club !!

Flash plans to attend NAFA's CanAm tournaments in October, taking at least 2 teams. We will help create Open teams with people whose clubs are not going but want to attend and race at a record-setting event.  Contact Barbara at Flash840@gmail.com if you need a team to race with. CanAm

Flash's next hosting will be in Orlando,  August 6 & 7, 2011  

Congratulations to title earners Diane & Toby FGDCh-40K, Diane & Gabby FGDCh, Susan & Tara FGDCh, Susan & Vapor ONYX, Barbara & Prix ONYX, Nancy & Sniper FMX, and Diane & Caylee FDCh-G  !!

Flash is owned by Barbara Craig of Lakeland, FL. Members come from Polk, Hillsborough and Osceola counties and train in Lakeland. Contact Barbara at Flash840@gmail.com for more information.

Flash is racing at most of the Region's tourneys. We will be racing three teams at the next tourneys -- in Regular, Multi and Open Divisions.

Some members of Flash are also members of Lakeland Dog Sports, Inc which owns the flyball racing equipment used for tourneys which we host all over Florida. Other clubs that do not own a flyball ring are welcome to rent the equipment for indoor tourneys. Contact Barbara Craig at lakelanddogsport@aol.com for more information. Visit http://www.LakelandDogSports.com  for information on our training classes.

For more flyball info, visit     http://www.flyball.org and   http://www.flyballdogs.com and http://www.u-fli.com 

Our Team Dogs

Welcome to the newest members of the Flash team !!    


Gibbs FDX (BC)                                                                              Manny FDCh (BC)


   Spyce Girl ONYX (BC)                       Gabrielle FGDCh, TF (Papillon)                          Vapor ONYX (BoStaff)


Twister FGDCh-50K, TF-III (BoJack)              Geordi ONYX, TF-II  (BC)                Beany FGDCh-40K, TF-III (CW Corgi)


Mickey ONYX, TF-II (Papillon)                   Prix ONYX, TF   (BoJack)                      Jack FGDCh  (BC)


     Sniper FMX  (PW Corgi)                 Tara FGDCh   (BC)                   Caylee FDCh-G (NAS)             Toby FGDCh-40K , TF III (Aussie)          


                 Tyler FDCh-G (Sheltie, retired)     Cruizer ONYX, TF-I  (JRT, retired))   

                  DOGS IN TRAINING


Fly (BC)                                          Boogie (Sheltie)                                    Rayn (BC)                                  

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Photos by Crystalball Media http://www.crystalballmedia.com/events, SwiftBennet Photography http://swiftbennett.com/, Britt Photography http://www.brittusa.com  Rose Photo, Tony Rider of Revd Up Agility, Kim Stewart Photography and Barbara Craig. 

june 2011