Maines newest flyball team!

Looking for something else to do with your favorite four-legged friend?  Come and play with us!  Flyball is a fast-paced, tennis ball relay race for dogs.  Each dog sprints over four jumps to catch a tennis ball released from a spring-loaded flyball box and then races back over the four jumps so the next dog can go. 


All dogs can play, no matter breed (or mix), age, or previous training.  Flyball is a perfect activity for high-energy dogs and the people who love them.  However, its also a great activity for any dog who just wants to have some fun and play with its person. 


We have team members from Augusta, Bangor, Bar Harbor, Brewer, Ellsworth and Winterport.  For more information about the team, beginner flyball classes, demos or introduction seminars, please feel free to (contact us!).  


For general information about flyball visit the flyball homepage at or the North American Flyball Association homepage at


Currently, we usually send one regular team (Bring It!) and one multibreed team (Life is Good) to tournaments.  


Fastest Times:  

Regular team- 19.600 seconds (Sally, Susie, Chance, Cosmo) set at our tournament- November 5th, 2005


Multibreed team- 21.392 seconds (Molly May, Eartha, Lark, Susie) set at our tournament- November 5th, 2005


The Team!  In Bennington, Vermont- June 5th, 2005

Sitting: Lynda with Chance, Alyson with Shrek, Lynne with Molly, Karen with Cosmo and Eartha, Monica with Sally

Standing: Beckie with Alex, Lisa with Karmela and Haiku, Dawn with Lark, Gene with Susie

Back: The Moose!