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Welcome to the Flyball N~R~G team web page.

Flyball N~R~G was registered with the North American Flyball Association in October 2004 and U-FLI in July 2007. Our membership is comprised of a mixture of experienced handlers and new people to the sport.  

The club is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba and trains at 884 Bradford St. 

The name N~R~G --energy-- reflects the attitude of the members. 

The goals of Flyball N~R~G are: 

    run the fastest we can
    be consistent
    be fair
    have fun

Flyball N~R~G were the first team in the region 8 to run under 16 seconds with a time of 15.91.

Our fastest time in U-Fli was 15.87.

for information on training classes please contact Jenna Yaramchuk at

or Marilyn Ross at

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