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2004 in Review

It's been a really good competition year for High Plains Drifters.  We opened the season kicking a little puppy butt up at Lincolns old barn in Springfield.  We closed out our racing season doing the same up in the land of the Amish, Iowa.  In-between we got waxed a few times and did the waxing the rest of the time.  We introduced and produced some new Flyball Champions in Flynn, Comet, Kindle, Harley and Jake the wonder mop.  Kyra finally bloomed and joined the list of Champions.
The 2005 season will feature a new height dog or two making their debut.  We may be losing a few good dogs to some distressing physical problems.  We have picked up two seasoned racers in Samantha and Tilt.  Hopefully those of you that have the opportunity to race will find other Drifters with the same schedules, get together and have some fun racing for the rest of us.  Don't wait til your doggies are too old to enjoy this sport because they get there in a hurry.
We talked about looking into new boxes late in the fall but did not get around to that.  We still hope to do so shortly after the first of the year.  We are going to plan a mat changing weekend in the near future too.  It is a lot of work laying and taping it so please try to make it to the "party". 
I have taken my turn cleaning the Crossings matting and re skinned the green box.  Plan on taking your turn in cleaning this season.  It's much easier for the dogs to catch clean balls than choking on the ones that are covered with hair.  So pack your wagon, saddle up and come on out.  Your dog could probably use the good time.

 The Lead Weed


On the Horizon for 2005

The High Plains Drifters' 2005 Flyball Season is off to an early start.  The Praire Dogs, featuring Harley, Socks, Ceci, and debutante Drifters Samantha and Tilt, are migrating north this February 5-6, led by intrepid first-timer Captain John Fitzgibbons.  Good luck, guys and don't forget to pack your long underwear.

March 12-13, Stampede, featuring Libby, Flynn, Ceci, Samantha, Tilt and the wee man, Cooper, will be thundering west to Wichita for Kansas' very first NAFA-sanctioned flyball tournament.  Veteran Captain Marty Garrison will be riding herd.

April 16-17, we have Gateway's Springfield, Illinois tournament to look forward to.  This one's an easy drive so mark your calendars now.

May 14-15, Jammin' K-9s are hosting up in Amana.  If you're interested, speak up!

June 18-19 is a no brainer...  Gateway is hosting a tournament at our own Sharon West's new facility in Wentzville, Missouri. Be there or be square.





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