Jersey Devil Dogs ........ no longer!   :-(

We're sorry to report that the Jersey Devil Dogs Flyball Team has gone the way of the Edsel.  Effective October 2007 the bulk of our membership starting relocating to the South, North Carolina to be specific.  There weren't enough of us left up her in New Jersey to keep the club going so we have all found new teams,     JDD was  comprised of some really talented dogs and their tag-along humans.   Our first and foremost goal was to have fun while still positively  promoting the really cool sport of canine Flyball. 

We will be leaving this site up as a rememberance to all the great times we had. We hope you enjoy the site.  While you're visiting our web site be sure to check out the profiles of each of the Jersey Devil Dogs.  

We hope you enjoy our web site and even find it useful.