Flyball on the Rock!

We started in August 2003, getting together on a sports field to have some fun.  Lisa Giroux, founder of the team, formerly a member of the Afterburners in Ottawa, Ontario, moved here and started recruiting dogs and handlers.  We attended our one and only tournament in Nova Scotia in 2004, and with the assistance of Lietash Push the Limits and many other teams at that tournament, we learned a lot and had a ton of fun.

After that, we continued to practice in the Pasadena area on a regular basis until Lisa Giroux moved away to the Codroy Valley. Unfortunately, after that the team went on hiatus.

We boasted several different breeds (of dogs that is!) and all kinds of different humans.  One thing that remains the same...we had a ball.  Literally.

Since then, another team, the FOG DOGS has started in Newfoundland on the East Coast along with a wonderful dog sports club.  Please visit the Newfoundland Athletic Dog Association (NADA) to learn more.

Thanks for the memories, everyone!  It was a blast!

Meet the Team!

Cleo, BC/Terrier cross Cypher, Australian Shepherd Gertie, Border Collie Kip, Border Collie
Max, BC/Aussie Cross Presto, Australian Shepherd Riley, Golden Retriever Vegas, Australian Shepherd

and our unofficial mascot...Kate, ACD cross.  RIP Kate.