Flying Colors Tournament Results

Mar 1 & 3, 1997
Las Vegas, Nevada
hosted by Flying Colors Flyball Team

Saturday Regular Divisions

Division IBest
1Rude Dogs A17.418
2Animal Inn B18.09
3Touch n Go18.366
4Rocket Paws A19.040
5Rude Dogs B18.554
6Top Dog Racers Naughty18.773
Division IIBest
1Flying Colors Teal20.28
2Bark in the Park20.71
3Top Dog Racers - Pick up the Pace20.13
4Santa Barbara Flyers21.36
5Touch n Go B20.84
6Touch n Go C 

Division IIIBest
1Catchers on the Fly Minor22.861
2Catchers on the Fly Major22.34
3Lickety Splits23.06
4Woof Gang25.24
5Rocket Paws B25.115

Sunday Regular Divisions

Division IBest
1Rude Dogs A17.624
2Animal Inn B17.91
3Touch n Go A18.323
4Rude Dogs B18.319
5Rocket Paws A18.844
6Top Dog Racers - Naughty18.356
7Bark in the Park20.916
8Flying Colors Purple19.49
Division IIBest
1Top Dog Racers -Pick up the Pace19.95
2Touch n Go B21.27
3Touch n Go C22.57
4Santa Barbara Flyers21.38
5Catchers on Fly-Major22.61
6Catchers on Fly - Minor23.02
7 (tie)Lickety Splits23.29
7 (tie)Rocket Paws B22.28
8Woof Gang23.59

Friday Night Dogs of Distinction
Fastest Dog Contests

Fastest OverallDillonTop Dog Racers4.28 fastest tall dog, fastest w/out CGC, and fastest male
Fastest FemaleNellRocket Paws4.32fastest rescue
Fastest HandlerLori WatkinsLickety Splits.05 Time is delay between green light and dog hitting beam
Fastest Therapy DogBulldozerCatchers on the Fly5.07fastest dog with a CD
Fastest with Advanced Obed. TitleDashTop Dog Racers4.9 
Fastest SchutzhundFreiFlying Colors5.06 
Fastest OTCHScoutFlying Colors6.72Only OTCH entered
Fastest with Tracking TitleDeltaTop Dog Racers 4.7has TDX
Fastest with Herding TitleCricketFlying Colors 4.54 
Fastest with Hunting TitleTonkaRude Dogs 4.64 
Fastest Breed ChampChargerCatchers on the Fly 5.3 
Fastest with Agility TitleSpinRocket Paws 4.66 
Fastest CGC (tie)Cheynne

Top Dog
Rude Dogs
Fastest MixBeansCatchers on the Fly4.5  
Fastest Short DogSEGATop Dog Racers4.46a JRT

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Last Modified: March 5, 1997