Front Runners Berry First Tournament Results

June 14 & 15, 1997
Belleville, Michigan
hosted by Front Runners

Tournament Flyer

Regular Divisions

Division IBest
1Slammers A17.257
2Rude Dog Pups17.417
 Rude Dogs B18.383
Division IIBest
1Slammers C19.583
2Rude Dogs C19.281
3Slammers D19.873
4Maximum Overdrive A19.544
5Slammers E21.227
6Ballistics Hairtriggers22.635

Division IIIBest
1Ballistics Muzzlevelocity22.534
2Trainers Flight Crew A22.917
3Pedal Pushers B23.053
4Footloose Flyers22.860
5Fuzzy Lightning24.591
6Pedal Pushers C27.425

Multibreed Divisions

Division IBest
1Rude Dogs I18.293
2Rude Dogs III20.352
3Ballistics 4-Barrels21.340
4Maximum Overdrive Mixed21.261
5Slammers Mixed22.809
6Footloose Flyers I23.700

Phyliss Askew reports:
We were very lucky to have two days of wonderful weather. Lots of sun and no rain! Due to our small entry (21 teams) everyone got lotsof running and opportunity to earn points. All of us Front Runners wished we could run in a tournament and get this much racing in. Due to the small # entries, some of the divisions were not very "tight" in times, but It seemed like all the participants had a very good time, We would like to thank everyone who participated in and supported our tournament even though it was Father's Day. Thanks also to Clyde Moore for the use of his backstops, to Slammers for use of their matts and for helping with clean up, and to Canton Animal Hospital for sponsoring our prizes. Although we only placed first and second in each division, each team also got a bag of tennis balls, just for showing up. I have listed 1st and 2nd place in each division, then teams are listed in order of fastest times.

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