TECHNI-CAL Kitchener Tournament Results

July 26 & 27, 1997
Kitchener, Ontario
hosted by Instant Replay

Regular Divisions

Division IBest
1Total Recall16.580
2Instant Replay Gold16.526
3Border Patrol A16.937
4Top Dog Racers17.497
5Rocket Relay17.019
6Slammers A17.080
7Tailspinners A17.888
8Paws United20.102
Division IIBest
1Pawbusters A18.899
2Allsorts Dogsports B19.002
3Some Ruff Competition B19.265
4Stray Dogs A18.849
5Bark 'n Fly White19.591
6Maximum Overdrive19.612
7Fast Fun19.552
8Express Lane20.165

Division IIIBest
1Ball der Dashers21.838
2Borderline Q20.967
3Fast Company21.701
4Tamsu Terminators21.979
6K-9 Thunder G Force22.419
7Dog on it with Attitude23.837
84 on the Floorexhibition

Multibreed Divisions

Division IBest
1Instant Replay White18.480
2Tailspinners I19.622
3Ball der Dashers (K&K)20.280
4Stray Dogs Multi II21.004
5Maximum Overdrive22.605
Division IIBest
1Slammers Mix21.525
2Some Ruff Competition II21.560
3K-9 Thunder Mixed-up21.979
4Pawbusters II22.075
5Four Fun22.267
6Dog on it Mix22.239
7Perpetual Motion Mix23.764
8Borderline M24.790

Copyright © 1997 Kathryn Hogg,
Last Modified: Aug 15, 1997