Unlimited Regular
Limited Multi-Breed (20 Teams)
Veteran's Limited (5 Teams)
Entry Fee's: 125.00 Canadian
                   100.00 U.S.
                   25.00 Veteran's Division Only

Closing Date: June 29,1998

For More Info Contact: Bunny or David Burton
                                     92 Cope St.
                                     Canada L8H-5B2
Online: dburton@worldchat.com

Please Make Cheques Payable To: Rocket Relay

Veteran's Division Rules: All Dogs must be 7yrs or older
                                        All Dogs will Jump 8 inches
                                        Dogs can be from ANY Team
                                        No Height Dog Required
                                        No NAFA Point Awarded
We are debating on making this Division best 2 out of 3, All interested Teams we would appreciate input on this

Thanks Dave
Rocket Relay
Tournament Director

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