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Does your dog have lots of energy?

We are one of Saskatoon's most active flyball clubs participating in tournaments in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, and the USA. Composed of a group of people that want to have fun with our dogs while keeping with the idea that they are our pets, family and friends first, then crazy wild competitors! We strive to ensure flyball is a fun experience for both dog and handler, an experience that helps build that special bond we have with our dogs. Most success in flyball is measured in points and run times; we like to measure success by how much enjoyment we get playing this exciting sport with our dogs.  Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about the fast paced sport of flyball or joining one of our classes.

What is flyball?


Flyball is a fast paced 4-dog relay race between competing teams. Racing side by side each dog runs in relay fashion over 4 jumps, triggers the flyball box, catches a tennis ball, and return over all four jumps to the start/finish line where the next dog eagerly waits. The fist team to get all four dogs over the start/finish line without error wins the race. Flyball encompasses all the things a dog loves to do, jumping, catching, retrieving, competing, and striving to please their owners. It is a sport that any dog can participate in regardless of shape, size, or breed.