About us

Overdrive flyball

Overdrive dogsports was formed in 2010 by a fun, enthusiastic, group of people who wanted to get out and play with their dogs. The goals of our club revolve around the fitness, health, and promoting the well-being of man's best friend as well as providing a team atmosphere for the none canine members. We have a great time both at tournaments and practice with lots of enthusiasm and a good sense of humor being the only prerequisites of our club.

We believe any dog can learn to play flyball. We use training techniques taught by Rocket Relay, Touch 'N Go, and other top teams as well as incorporating what we have learnt from our very best teachers, our dogs. We are constantly updating our training techniques in order to get the very best from every dog on our team.  Whether your dog runs under 4 seconds or over 7 we spend as much individual time is necessary on each dog in order to maximize their potential. All dogs that can complete the full run safely are provided the opportunity to run in tournaments.

We are an active flyball club and travel to tournaments in Saskatchewan, Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario. We try our best to make teams that are competitive in their divisions while maximizing the points and titles earned by each of our dogs. We emphasize the team aspect with everyone helping out and participating at tournaments as they can.