All Jacked up

Overdrive flyball

Although we have many different breeds of dogs on our flyball team we have a particular affinity for Jack Russell Terriers. Maybe it is because the club owner Jillian breeds them, maybe it is because they are always good for a laugh (or 3), or maybe it is just because they are so much fun to race and train. Either way in 2012 we were finally able to put together our "All Jacked Up" flyball team comprised of strictly Jack Russells. The team consists of Sadie (9 years old) and her daughters Cali (4), Kiwi (3), and Tov (3), Loki (1) who is Cali's daughter, and Mickey the lone man in the bunch (lucky guy!). So far we have been able to set a pb of 19.4 with Kiwi, Mickey, Sadie, and Tov but we are confident they can go faster yet. Stay tunned as "All Jacked Up" may come to a city near you!




All Jacked Up in Edmonton July 2012

Cali, Sadie, Kiwi, Tov, Loki, Mickey