Since our dogs can't drive themselves to tournaments they need their humans. Here is a little about us and our insane desire to hang out with too many barking dogs!

jillian Scharfstein

Dogs: Sadie, Cali, Kiwi, Loki, Patton, Joey, Brynne

Jillian is the owner and captain of Overdrive. She started training her first flyball dog, Sadie, in 2007 and has been hooked on the sport ever since. She also operates No Bad Dogs Obedience and enjoys working with all different types of dogs. Always wanting to expand her knowledge she attends many flyball and dogs training seminars all over Canada.


jeremy Caissie


Dogs: Riley, Tov

Jeremy is one of the founding members of Overdrive flyball. Although he leads a busy life outside of flyball he still always makes the time to run and train his dogs Riley and Tov. He rarely misses a practice and is always willing to lend a hand or a little "muscle" if a situation calls for it.


venessa martens


Dogs: Arrow, Seamus, Sparky, Brynne

Venessa has been involved in dogs almost her entire life. She owns and operates Paws and Train, a doggie daycare and training center, and fosters dogs for a local rescue in her *spare* time. She is an incredible trainer and we really value her opinions and input when we are stumped with a dog or need to come up with some creative ideas to refocus or reengage our canine (and sometimes human) members. 


kari Priest


Dogs: Bandit, Kacie

Kari and her husband Todd joined Overdrive shortly after it's creation. They are both very active people who spend much of their time in the great outdoors. Kari is a marathon runner and we have see much of the same determination that makes her successful in that sport some out in the training of Bandit. He has not been an easy dog to get there but she has done beautifully with him and we hope to see them lining up in the lanes really soon. She has recently added a new member to her family, Kacie the Australian Shepherd, and while we can't imagine her providing more amusement at practice than her "big brother" Bandit already does we hope she is a little more traditional in her training progression.


ann march and bill schaffle

Dogs: Suzie

Ann and Bill are invaluable members of Overdrive with Bill taking the roll as our resident "Mr Fix It". I swear that man can build anything and if I can dream it up within a week he is bringing it to reality, simply amazing. Never to be outdone Ann is our ray of positive energy and comes to flyball every day with a smile and a kind word for everyone. I don't think I can truly express just how much we value these two and how lucky we feel to have them as members. It is no wonder with owners like this that their dog Suzie is as sweet, kind, and easy going as she is.



Kellie Degelman

Dogs: Link, Lulu

We kidnapped Kelli out of an obedience class taught by one of our members in 2011 and are so very happy that we did. If you think a Beagle is not suited for flyball you have never met Link and Lulu! All the credit can not go to just the dogs however and Kelli does a fantastic job of training them and keeping them motivated. We hope to see Link in the lanes in 2012 and try to convince Kelli to handle a few of our other dogs in the process!


Karen Swift

Dogs: Bruce, Gingin

Watching Karen try to hold Bruce at the side of he flyball lanes while he waits his turn always puts a smile on my face. Bruce has as much heart as he does fur and absolutely loves the sport of flyball - particularly the ball part. Even though Karen often has more than her hands full with Bruce she is always ready to lend a hand where we need her and truly embodies "team spirit".


Angela wallace

Dogs: Brutus, Tobi

When Angela showed up at a flyball class with her Boston Terrier Tobi we knew right away we wanted her to join the club. She has a great attitude and even though her boys are a challenge to train she is always happy and positive. We love having her accompany us to tournaments and she is a great asset to the club.



Rachel Williams

Dogs: Duke

Rachel joined Overdrive in 2012 when she started training her dog Duke with the club. It was clear from the start that Rachel was hooked on the sport and although her dog is not yet up and running Rachel comes to many tournaments with the team and helps us keep things running smoothly pitching in whenever we need a hand.


lianne Matieshin

Dogs: Finn

Lianne joined Overdrive in 2013 while looking for an activity to engage and "employ" her young Border Collie Finn. She also hapened to be 4 months pregnant at the time but she hasn't let that slow her down one bit! She is a natural fit for our club and she and Finn have come a long way in a short time. We can not wait until she can handle dogs for us at tournaments and to introduce her boy to racing this year.



Stephanie Dale

Dogs: Finley

Stephanie is easily one of the most dedicated and serious dog trainers I have met in a long time, but that should be no surprise given all that she has accomplished with her hoses over the years. She and her dog Finn had just about mastered every other dog actively when they decided to give flyball a try. True to both their natures and dedication they have picked up the game readily and we can not wait to try to steal them away from a few horse shows this season to go to flyball tournaments.