Congratulations!!! 2010 Regional MVP - Region 1 - Risky

Risky - Wheatland When You Believe, FCH, CR
Whippet - owner/handler - Rachel Kennedy

Titles Earned
FD, FDX, FDCh, FDCH-S, FDCH-G, FM, FMX, FMCh, ONYX, Flyball Grand Champion, FG40K, FG50K

Special Honors 
>Amazing Offspring Award  Ballistics River Run Sept 2-3, 2006
Donated for Ammo by Mark Cimarolli

NAFA Top Pointed Dogs 
*  09/30/07 240 of  18933 dogs
*  09/28/08 233 of  20120 dogs
*  09/27/09 240 of  21240 dogs

Breed Whippet 
*  09/30/00  15 of 73
*  09/30/01   7  of 81

*  09/30/02   6  of 93
*  09/30/03   6  of 108
*  09/30/04   6  of 123

*  09/30/05   6  of 143
*  09/30/06   5  of 159
*  09/30/07   4  of 183
*  09/30/08   5  of 204
*  09/30/09   5  of 229
*  09/30/10   5  of 253
*  09/30/11   7 of 272

NAFA Top Point Earning Dogs 
* 2001  47 of 10747  points 11673


2010 NAFA Regional 1 MVP

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(015) Paws-a-tive Attitude

Dog's Owner:

Rachel Kennedy

Nominated by:

(015) Paws-a-tive Attitude
Fair Haven, MI
United States


Risky was one of the first of the Whippet breed to truly distinguish herself. Risky is a fabulous Flyball dog. Risky is incredible to watch as an anchor dog because she never slows down and always exerts the extra oomph to come from behind to win the race. This dog’s incredible heart has lead to many accomplishments including being ingrained within NAFA’s top pointed dogs and the Awesome Offspring Award from the Ballistics Tournament. Risky is both a tribute to the sport and a pioneer of her breed.

Risky was trained by Rachel Kennedy. Rachel was only ten when Risky joined the family. Nine years later, Rachel has gone away to college and Risky is now handled by her mother, Kathy. Risky gracefully matured into an established Flyball dog. Risky is also a Lure coursing Champion.

Risky has not only paved the path for her breed into the sport, but is helping to pass the torch onto future generations of Flyball Whippets. Risky has taken time off for two litters of puppies. Seven puppies and one Grandpup are now among the Flyball competitors. Risky is 12+ and still performing at the top of her game for her team.





Photo by Bob Larkin

  Risky the little black and white whippet was purchased with flyball in mind when I was looking to get a faster dog. She sure worked out great! When Risky started flyball there were very few whippets running, now you see them at almost every tournament! Risky has been bred twice and now has 3 pups from her first litter running in flyball and 4 pups from her second litter will be running in flyball soon. She was awarded the awesome offspring award from the Ballistics ----tournament. She now has grandpuppies training in flyball. She is the mother of 2 meet winners in Whippet Straight racing from her first litter (Second litter will be racing later this year) .Risky was trained for flyball by my daughter (she was 10 yrs old when we got Risky) and she was Risky's handler til she went off to college last year. Risky has won several 'best tricks' contests over the years. Risky is also a Lure coursing whippet, attaining her FcH title in just 4 trails with a couple BOB wins. At age 9 now she still is capable of running 4.2's!

2010 - Risky is now 12 and I think she is still amazing running 4.5 now.