Pedal Pushers Flyball

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is a rescued Miniature Pinscher mix. She was turned into the pound in Pontiac because she had so much energy that her owners couldn't do a thing with her. Duh, give her a job! She is best friends with Emmett. They run, chew on each other, and chase some more. She tries to outwit Dani when being herded in the house. She'll be an awesome height dog in no time; she's fast and smart.


Chip has been playing flyball since 2005. He is an extremely reliable height dog, running high 4's. He sets the jumps at 8" for his teammates. The only thing missing is his sign that says, "Will run for food, any handler any team!"
" We are very grateful to Gerry and Lorel Bradshaw for letting him run with us.
Congratulations to Chip for playing longer and still running than ever expected after surgery to correct his floating patella.  Chip just received his plaque for FDGCH - 30,000 points! He’s like a Timex! He keeps on running and you can rely on his times.



Born in a puppy mill, having two homes, a high kill shelter, and Border Collie rescue, Dani (formerly Roxi) has come a long way from her life in PA. After many years of love and consistent attention, Dani is playing flyball and loving it. She's definitely worth the long drive through a snow storm to get her. At home, she’s a vocal, not so confident alpha who feels the need to herd the small dogs. (which is not allowed) It’s such a joy to see her confidence that her loud, sharp barking at race time is overlooked since she had so many other issues to overcome. She has become one of our core dogs running in the low to mid 4's and still improving.



Emmett is from a kennel. He is finally happy and trusts his family. He is in training and finding out how much fun flyball is. He is quite the socialite (with dogs) and has trouble staying focused. Besides wrestling and playing chase with Chica, his favorite past time is to flush birds out of his yard and trying to flush the white doves out of their pen. He is slowly improving.




Finigan can’t keep his terrier brain focused on flyball. He’s considered a flunkie since he isn’t a team player. He likes to change the rules of the game. Tackle will never be a part of the game so he will be a permanent practice fixture!
He is persistant at clearing the house of imaginary rats when the floors creak or he finds a hole to peek into. He also loves to chase Mayflower, the hamster, as he runs on the treadmill. With his high prey drive, he totally enjoys Earthdog trials



came along just when Sue and Homer needed her.  She is a German Short Hired Pointer with a full tail.  Her litter was a result of unplanned parenthood. She is eager to learn and doing quite well with her box turn lessons. She has given Homer a new reason to be a bit more serious about flyball--she'll replace him in the lineup if he doesn't carry his ball back.  Having a GSP instead of a GSD has been a challenge for Sue. Flare is full of energy and we have high hopes for her in flyball. She's gonna be good!


Gem has been playing flyball with Neva since 2002. She is an exceptionally reliable dog. She runs in the mid 6's but her 7" jump height allows her team mates to make up time. Gem LOVES to compete, so watch out for "that damned Corgi!" Gem is in training to accept a new Rottie puppy into the family pack this summer. Watch for updates!




Homer has been Sue's flyball partner since 2005. Since he's never met a stranger, he would rather be the greeter. He loves his frisbee and a good butt scratchin' but tries his best to please his mom. Homer loves to visit his "friends" as a therapy dog. It's very important work! He’s a bit more into the game now that he has  competition for attention and his place in the lineup from Flare.




This photogenic dog was discovered on Petfinder at: For The Love of Pete Border Collie Rescue in OH. Kristen adopted Kala (formerly Abby) in 2005. She is one of the most reliable dogs on the team and definitely our fastest, clocking in in the 3.9's to very low 4's. Next to flyball, she whiles away her time watching her guinea pigs at home and getting a workout playing tug-o-war with Mali at work. Kala will make an awesome therapy dog some day; she loves babies and kids of any age.



Sailor has been playing flyball with Neva since 2008. He rans consistent 4.5's and loves to trash talk to the other team. You'd hear him before you saw him! Sailor loves the water and agility but is currently sidelined on doctors orders.