Pedal Pushers Flyball

Our Team Members


Lori Hayes

Lori is the captain of Pedal Pushers. She has been involved in flyball since 2005 after 16 years as a 4-H leader and in need of a hobby. Finigan needed a hobby also. A trainer (Neva) suggested flyball lessons at the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club. With a hard headed terrier, she learned about flyball by running other dogs, including Chip.  Dani is now confident, trained and racing! Lori’s ecstatic to finally have a dog of her own to race even though many newbies know how fun Chip is to run. Emmett and Chica are in training as teamheight dogs. Lori currently resides in Milan with her husband Doug and their dogs plus the remainder of the 4-H pets including three goats that Dani loves to prevent from escaping their pen. Lori works as a Paraeducator in Ann Arbor.



Neva Bus

Neva has been playing flyball since 2002. Owning a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retreiver requires lake access so they've made Chelsea their home. Neva is an animal behaviorist and trainer. She is very active in agility with Gem. She is currently working with Gem to accept a                                             new puppy into the pack.



Kristen Hayes

Kristen needed something to do after graduation and out growing 4-H. Kristen adopted as her first dog, Kala in 2005. They began competing in flyball in 2006 when Kala figured out the game. Kristen is a student at Eastern Michigan University studying Special Education. She works for schools in the Washtenaw County school district as a Substitute Teacher. She currently resides in Ypsilanti.



Sue Hofmann

Sue and Homer have been playing flyball since 2005 when they learned the game in Florida. They currently reside in Ann Arbor. Flare, a German Shorthaired Pointer, has recently joined Sue and Homer as the new flyball prospect. She’s proving to be quite the entertainer, at home and practice!