Swansea Flyball Circa 1983

Ron English is certainly an old timer when it comes to flyball. He has been competing since the early 1980's. He started racing with Swansea Flyball who were registered as NAFA Club #9. Ron recently dusted off some old pictures from a tournament in 1983 so those of us who've only been around for ten years or so can see how much Flyball has changed since then.

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Ron's dog Sammi getting the ball from the old "tin can" box. Notice that there is no box loader standing on the box or even in the ring!
Look at how close the dogs are from the start line. That white post in the lower left is the upright for the first jump. At this time, the start/finish line was only four feet from the first jump and the dogs were released right from the start line.
If you lined up like this today I bet the dog's nose would be breaking the passing beam!
Just think about racing today with that much run back.
Sammi on the old tin cup box. Again, notice the box loader's position.
And strangely enough, flyball competitors have the same fashion sense as always.
A nice profile of the box.

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