Hit Squad

Photos of the Hit Squad Flyball team at the Paw Power Blues tournament, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, April 1995.

Photos donated and copyrighted by Tom Schaeges They are provided for use on these Flyball Web pages only. If you want to use them for any purpose, please ask Tom.

Alix, owned by Billie Trent, takes a jump on the way back from the box.

Charlie, run by Connie Austin, races toward the box.

Connie Austin prepares Mighty Mite for his run.

Dave Stone watches carefully as he gets ready to release Bullet for a perfect pass.

Grendel, owned by Chris Larson, shows perfect form as she clears a jump.

Billie Trent releases Alix as Harriet Weatherford gets Buster ready for his run.

Libbie Brandt releases Pasha for Hit Squad B.

Ule James signals the judge that he's ready for the race to begin.

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Last Modified: June 8, 1995