Introductory Workshops

From time to time, Portland Tail Blazers holds a two-hour Introduction to Flyball workshop at Dog Days in Vancouver, WA. This workshop is required for anyone who is considering taking a Portland Tail Blazers flyball training class. The workshop includes demonstrations, an explanation of the sport of flyball, and a discussion of the requirements for both dog and handler to participate in the sport. Your dog will have his or her turn direction tested and you will receive your first flyball skill lessons. After the workshop, you'll be positioned to decide whether to continue with the six-week class. Cost: $25.00. Date and time: To be arranged - always on a Sunday. Please contact the instructor to sign up.

Beginning Flyball Classes

Anyone who has completed a Portland Tail Blazers Introductory Workshop is eligible to join a beginning class. Classes start when an eligible group is ready to proceed. Further information will be provided during the Workshop. When in session, classes are held at Dog Days in Vancouver WA on Sunday afternoons. The beginning classes run for 6 weeks, with a cost of $100.

Already Got Flyball Experience?

Please contact the captain directly to discuss the best procedure for getting acquainted.


Our training introduces handling and foundation skills for flyball dogs. We will cover motivation and rewarding your dog, focus with distractions, handler footwork, dog body awareness, targeting, conditioning, flyball flat work, foundation jump work, and flyball participation requirements. Our training is suitable for puppies and adults. By the end of the class, dogs will be ready to be introduced to the equipment (if old enough to do so safely).


Flyball is not suitable for dogs with significant aggression toward dogs or humans, or fear of dogs or humans, for dogs with serious sound phobias, for significantly overweight dogs, of for dogs with certain veterinary/ orthopedic issues (feel free to email instructor to see if your dog is a good candidate, even if you are not sure).