Puget Hounds


Puget Hounds is a team based in the greater Seattle and Eastside area. We practice every other Monday evening in the Kirkland area (and sometimes other places and times when a tournament draws near). You're welcome to come by. Just email below for directions.

We also offer flyball classes at two locations:
The King County Humane Society in Bellevue (425-641-0080)
And at Paradise Pet Lodge in Woodinville (425-483-DOGS/3647)

Besides tournaments, we are very active with public demonstrations, which includes the Sonics, Huskys, Reign, Seadogs, along with the annual Purina Rib Check Day, Pedigree Petathalon, and numerous other events. We are known as The Puget Sound Flyers when demonstrating as we invite others outside our own team to join us. Check out our group demo website at: Feel free to contact us for more information!

Gayle Hickey,

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