Welcome to the Verde Valley Rapid Runners Flyball Team web site. We are the only flyball team in Northern Arizona, with members from Cottonwood, Cornville, and Sedona. Rapid Runners flyball was founded in 2001 by our team captain, Cheryl Miller, and we look forward to competing in tournaments throughout 2002. We are also available at times for demonstrations and fun meets. We get together for weekly practices; times and locations vary. For more information, contact Cheryl Miller, 928-646-0168, or e-mail the team at Rapid Runners.

Current Team  Our current tournament team, who had a great time in Las Vegas!
From left: Alice and Penny, Dan and Maddie, Trevor, Boris and Lucky, Lil and Hope, Rick, Rosie and Reno, Cheryl and Sage.

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The Team 02  Our first tournament team (Yuma, 2002):
Bottom row, left to right: Boris and Lucky, Alice and Penny, Doug and Apache, Cheryl and Sage. Top row, left to right: Sara, Evelyn.