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Major update completed - updated to Charlottetown July 07

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Dog Owner Club Date Earned
Flyball Grand Champion 40,000 + points
Flyball Grand Champion 30,000 + points
Jovi Gwen & Carl Dingee F.A.M.E. 07/01/06
Megs Anita LaPlante Maple Leaps PUSH The Limits 08/06/06
Molly Tanya LaPlante Maple Leaps 11/18/06
Risky Selena Harrington Fast N FURious 11/19/06
Indy Rachel Hope Fast N FURious 06/30/07
Dharma Emily Brehaut Fast N FURious 07/01/07
Finnigian Jane Holloway Maple Leaps 07/01/07
Onyx 20,000 + points
Steele Cheryl Steadman Push Play! 08/23/03
Lacey Emily Brehaut Fast N FURious 11/09/03
Scatter Shelley Dow Push Play! 08/28/04
Georgie Mike & Sherry Josey No Fly Zone 09/11/04
Spin Drew Hansen Fast N FURious 12/04/04
Sula Shane & Darlene MacDougall Fast N FURious 07/01/05
Haley Wayne & Laura Brehaut Maple Leaps 08/06/05
Echo Shari Moores Fast N FURious 09/10/05
Komet Heather Puddington Maple Leaps 10/01/05
Fergus Joanne Eisnor APS 10/01/05
Portia Rachel & Bernie Hope Fast N FURious 11/05/05
Lewis Shane & Darlene MacDougall Fast N FURious 11/05/05
Mac Lesley MacKay No Fly Zone 12/03/05
Jackpot    Bob Ottenbrite Maple Leaps 03/25/06
Sollie Debbie Lowe Maple Leaps 03/26/06
Oscar Jane Holloway Maple Leaps 05/27/06
Brandi Heather Brown Maple Leaps 07/01/06
Twister Forrest Beaton Fast N FURious 07/01/06
Moka Jules Comeau F.A.M.E. 07/03/06
Piper Paula Cave All Jacked Up 08/02/06
Tazzy Cathy & Forest Beaton Fast N FURious 08/02/06
Static Diana Murphy Fast N FURious 08/02/06
Sweep Jeannie Swinemar Maple Leaps 08/26/06
Riser Jennifer Edmonds F.A.M.E. 08/27/06
Grip Chris Peach-Spenger F.A.M.E. 09/17/06
Alea Mireille LeBlanc F.A.M.E. 09/17/06
Darby Pat Edmonds F.A.M.E. 09/30/06
Skipper Jeannie Swinemar Maple Leaps 09/30/06
Nitrous Tracy Gallant Maple Leaps 09/30/06
Ditto Jane Smith Maple Leaps 10/14/06
Tess Catherine Oliver No Fly Zone 11/19/06
Lucy Donna Allen Paws On Deck 07/01/07
Xena Paul Perrin Paws On Deck 07/02/07
Flyball Master Champion 15,000 + points
KIF Lexi Ottenbrite Maple Leaps 11/12/05
Hobo Mike & Kathy Devine Fast N FURious 03/25/06
Midnight Kim Allen Paws On Deck 03/25/06
Riley Diane Levandier Maple Leaps 07/01/06
Shilo  Tracy Gallant Maple Leaps 07/02/06
Spring Bob Ottenbrite Maple Leaps 07/02/06
Alley Dean & Bernice Good Fast N FURious 07/03/06
Kilt Drew Hansen Fast N FURious 08/19/06
Caber Craig & Shari Dawson Fast N FURious 09/16/06
Foxie Karan Stevens Oceanmark Flyers 09/17/06
Hope Paula Reardon A.P.S. 09/17/06
Riley Brenda Juskow No Fly Zone 11/19/06
Spinner Lisa Murphy Maple Leaps 04/28/07
Cruzer Heather Brown Maple Leaps 04/29/07
Fergus Lisa and Chris Radimer Maple Leaps 05/27/07
Niska Lynette Brown F.A.M.E. 07/02/07
Flyball Master Excellent 10,000 + points
Isis P. Abela & H. Creamer K9 Chaos 06/04/00
Amy Diana Murphy Fast N FURious 04/14/02
Zoey Anna Bliziotis Maple Leaps 05/25/02
Moki Greg & Roxanne Gaudet Maple Leaps 11/10/02
Jessie Rachel Hope Fast N FURious 04/26/03
Nikita Paula Reardon A.P.S. 05/25/03
Storm Maureen Shebib A.P.S. 07/05/03
Luka Dianne & John Gray Scotia Dust Devils 03/14/04
Collin Cathy Coady A.P.S. 04/03/04
Teddy Jim & Darr Houssen F.A.M.E. 04/04/04
Fax Annette Gaudet F.A.M.E. 04/24/04
Oliver Paula Reardon A.P.S. 04/25/04
Pepper Catherine Kersten A.P.S. 05/29/04
Sprint Darr Houssen F.A.M.E. 09/11/04
Kramer Beverly Lawson Paws On Deck 09/11/04
Scat  Debbie & J.P. Maillet F.A.M.E. 10/03/04
Daisy Chris Wilbur F.A.M.E. 10/03/04
Hunter Krista Petersen F.A.M.E. 10/24/04
Cissy Helen Birch Scotia Dust Devils 10/24/04
Zoe Amanda Joudrey Maple Leaps 11/13/04
Abby Deborah Rozee A.P.S. 11/13/04
Bishop Chris Higginbotham Fast N FURious 12/05/04
Radar Lynne & Sheldon Brushett Maple Leaps 07/03/05
DJ Lisa Branch Scotia Dust Devils 09/11/05
Lucy John & Lorna MacKinley No Fly Zone 04/04/04
Remie Karen Miller Fast N FURious 10/01/05
Crash Shari & Craig Dawson Fast N FURious 10/01/05
Drake Peter Perry Paws On Deck 11/13/05
Shadow Mike Devine Fast N FURious 03/25/06
Daisy Duke Stephanie Berry All Jacked Up 06/10/06
Mitch Brenda Juskow No Fly Zone 07/02/06
Keiryn Tanya LaPlante Maple Leaps 08/06/06
Emma Jessica Lyle No Fly Zone 08/26/06
Sydney Jessica Lyle No Fly Zone 09/16/06
Remi Sheryl Deacon F.A.M.E. 09/17/06
Henry Diane Dunlop Maple Leaps 09/17/06
Winnie Stephanie Macdougall Totally Ball-istic 09/17/06
Jetta Haley Zinck Maple Leaps 09/30/06
Raine Shari & Craig Dawson Fast N FURious 09/30/06
Duke Spencer MacDougall Fast N FURious 11/19/06
Fling Chris & Eileen Higginbotham Fast N FURious 03/03/07
Kew Carl & Gwen Dingee F.A.M.E. 03/31/07
Gulliver Brian & Eileen Kelly Maple Leaps 04/01/07
Luna Joanne Eisnor A.P.S. 04/28/07
Buddy  Darr Houssen F.A.M.E. 04/29/07
Blaise Andrea Donovan F.A.M.E. 04/29/07
Pawn Chris & Eileen Higginbotham Fast N FURious 04/29/07
TKO Forrest Beaton Fast N FURious 07/02/07
Mason Brian Truelove Oceanmark Flyers 07/02/07
Flyball Master 5,000 + points
Jesse David & Em Zember Fast N FURious 04/02/00
Tasha Annette Gaudet F.A.M.E. 08/12/00
BK Deanna Russell Fast N FURious 09/16/01
Cinder Cathy Coady A.P.S. 10/07/01
Connor John MacKinley - 10/07/01
Pepper Brenda Pettigrew Scotia Dust Devils 05/26/02
Skye Ailsa Currie Fast N FURious 06/23/02
Rocky Richard & Denise Landry F.A.M.E. 11/09/02
Lucky Donald Glover Paws On Deck 11/09/02
Quest Shane & Darlene Fast N FURious 11/09/02
Maggie Bernice Good Fast N FURious 11/10/02
Zak David & Phyllis Panting Scotia Dust Devils 04/13/03
Tahoe Suzanne & Mike Rader Paws On Deck 05/25/03
Tramp Paula Reardon A.P.S. 07/05/03
Cookie Paul Perrin Oceanmark Flyers 07/06/03
Rec Phyllis & Dave Panting Scotia Dust Devils 09/14/03
Abbie Maryanne Bourgeois Over Rovers 11/08/03
Fiver Gay Harley Maple Leaps 03/13/04
Brock Jennifer Stairs Over Rovers 04/03/04
Reese Gwen Dingee F.A.M.E. 05/29/04
Mishka    John Halasz Oceanmark Flyers 09/11/04
Max   Samantha Wilbur F.A.M.E. 10/02/04
Friday  Sue McAlpine Oceanmark Flyers 10/23/04
Indi Cheryl Steadman Push Play! 10/23/04
Stanley  Lorne Monette Oceanmark Flyers 10/24/04
Sonic Sara Brehaut Maple Leaps 08/07/05
Stoney Tracey Moore PAWS 09/10/05
Keji Ronald & Carla Johnstone Oceanmark Flyers 11/12/05
Chloe Arend teRaa Fast N FURious 12/03/05
Blaze Anita Barnes Paws On Deck 12/04/05
Sydney Jessica Lyle No Fly Zone 12/05/04
Andy Darlene Fralick Maple Leaps 04/23/06
Ben Glenn Robbins Maple Leaps 04/23/06
Jade Wendy Kelly PAWS 04/22/06
Dakota Corey & Joan Greek Oceanmark Flyers 04/23/06
Dozer Don Thompson PAWS 04/23/06
Rascal Kim Myers-Stuart No Fly Zone 04/23/06
Samatha Carol Lehurey Oceanmark Flyers 07/01/06
Duke Elisha LaPointe Totally Ball-istic 07/02/06
Keeper Beverly & Francis Bond Oceanmark Flyers 07/03/06
Shadow Debbie Lawrence A.P.S. 07/03/06
Ryde Gwen & Carl Dingee F.A.M.E. 08/03/06
Hollie Diane Dunlop Maple Leaps 08/06/06
Jaden Lisa Moorhouse Oceanmark Flyers 08/26/06
Shevy Andrea MacDonald Paws On Deck 08/26/06
Joe Heather Lowther No Fly Zone 09/16/06
Ceitie Morris Swinemar Maple Leaps 09/17/06
Gypsy Peggy Arsenault Fast N FURious 09/17/06
Chevy Sue Barry Prepare For Takeoff 09/17/06
Fling Jennifer Stairs Prepare For Takeoff 09/30/06
Sydney Tabatha & Arend teRaa Fast N FURious 11/18/06
Diesel Rachel & Bernie Hope Fast N FURious 11/19/06
Quiver Diana Murphy Fast N FURious 03/03/07
Fibber Jennifer Stairs Prepare For Takeoff 03/31/07
Shelbi Darr Houssen F.A.M.E. 04/01/07
Shadow Richard Landry F.A.M.E. 04/29/07
Izzie Debbie Lawrence A.P.S. 04/29/07
Riley Kathryn Mosher Oceanmark Flyers 07/01/07
Chester Bonnie Conrad-Truelove Oceanmark Flyers 07/01/07
Rafe Sheldon & Lynne Brushett Maple Leaps 03/31/07
Charlee Wesley & Maria Wood Fast N FURious 07/01/07
Charlie Jeannie Swinemar Maple Leaps 07/01/07


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