Who is SFC?

The Sacramento Flyball Club began in 2002. It is made up of members with various flyball experience - some have been involved in flyball for over a decade!

The team philosophy is to promote the sport of flyball, encourage positive human/dog interaction, and to have fun with people of similar interests (our dogs, of course!).

Most of the club’s members are also heavily involved in other dog activities, such as agility, animal-assisted therapy, and obedience.

We try to hold practices every weekend (3-4 hours), attend at least 6 tournaments in a year (the nearest one is 2 hours away), and provide local flyball demonstrations to interested audiences (1-2 a year). Flyball is a large committment, and is a team sport. A team cannot function without the participation of all of its members!

Membership is open by invitation to individuals and families who are committed to promoting SFC’s philosophy, have participated in practices and attending at least one club function, and are willing to be active members. If invited, you can join team practices and learn competition flyball. Most of our team dogs begin competing after 6 months of training. In order to be eligible for an invitation, your dog must be at least 1 year of age, be non-aggressive to people & dogs, have completed basic obedience training (including off-leash and voice control), be crate trained and you must attend practices and enjoy having fun! Team practices are every Sunday morning - weather cooperating (click here for the practice schedule).

Come Meet Our Dogs:

Team Line-up

Team Stats and Points

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