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Burning Dog
September 15 & 16, 2007

SEEDING Saturday and Sunday

Saturday and Sunday Racing Schedule
(Same both days)

August 2000: Five ladies who had never met before and their ball crazy dogs sat in the sun listening to a flyball seminar. That was how it all started, just over a year ago and....LOOK AT US NOW! Silver Streaks was formed in October of 2000 because five ladies wanted to have fun with their dogs. (And the dogs just wanted to play ball!) Along the way we have met other people and their dogs with the same idea...to meet others with a "ball addiction" and to have fun.

We now have enough dogs for six teams: Tailings, Prospectors, Loose Nuggets, MotherLode, T-n-T and Liquid Silver but our primary goal has not changed...to give our dogs and outlet for their ball addictions and to have fun as a team. Little dogs and big dogs run with us; rescues and purebred dogs run with us...we want all dogs to have a chance to experience this sport.

Team unity is key in this sport...no one dog or handler wins or loses a race. There are four dogs and four handlers on that grass running as a team. Teamwork is critical - - we have traveled 12 hours in a van together for tournaments and we STILL talk to each other! Our goal is just to have fun. Although we do enjoy our victories, it is never at the expense of the dog's fun. Each dog is given equal opportunity to run with a team and build points toward their titles.

With every tournament we come home with new ideas and a renewed sense of team spirit. With every Sunday practice we work out the kinks and turn weaknesses into strengths. Or dogs look forward to each practice and come bounding out of the cars howling and smiling...happy to see their friends. Aggression is not allowed and it is stopped before it can ever become a problem, with treats and praise...or a squirt gun. We have proven, positive training methods and every dog on the team who has completed a race has points. We do dream...of breaking into the next division or having flawless passes and perfect swimmers turns. But our dreams are focused with the team and the dogs' best interests in mind at all times. If you would like to be a part of this fabulous team sport, contact us either by e-mail: silverstreaksfb@aol.com or drop by a practice some time and see what we're all about.