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Triad Dog Sports & Training, Inc.

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Triad DogSports & Training is a non profit dog sports club
dedicated to the well being of dogs everywhere. We are
a membership club that competes and holds events
and fun days for many different dog sports including Flyball,
K9 Disc, Agility, Terrier Sports, Lure Coursing, and others.
While some of our members are serious athletes, our main
focus is training pet dogs, and helping high energy dogs who may
be given up to rescue, an outlet for their energy and become a
well loved member of their family. Most importantly, we want to
have fun with our dogs and meet new people and make new friends.

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Would you like to become a member? Members receive free
and discounted classes, seminars and events. Since TDS
is a non-profit organization all membership, class and entry fees
go back to providing more support and events for
members and our canine companions to enjoy.
Click Here for a membership form and additional information

Triad Dog Sports helps make everyday
housedogs Superstars!

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