Hurdlin' Hoosiers


The Hurdlin' Hoosiers are from Indianapolis, Indiana and competed in their first tournament on Aug 4-5, 1996 in Fisher, Illinois.

The second tournament for the Hurdlin' Hoosiers was on September 14, 1996 where four of our "kids" earned their FD. (Considering we never even had a qualifying time in our first tournament, we were thrilled!)

Team Members

Becca, a Whippet (FD), owned by Kathy Feldman
CC, a Border Terrier (FD), owned by Marie Rogers
Katie, a GSD (FD), owned by Janice Sams
Toby, a Whippet (FD), owned by Nicole Fontaine
Felix and Beau, Dobermans, owned by Sharon Tworek
Sarah, a Sheltie, owned by Janice Sams
Elwood, a Mixed breed, owned by Erin Saywell
Magic and Dare, Whippets, owned by Jenette Mackey
In training we have a flat coat, a lab/AmStaff mix, and a Bassett. We have had quite a variety of breeds at our practices from a Clumber Spaniel to a JRT to a Poodle to an Australian Shepherd to a Cocker. The more the merrier and we welcome all with an interest in Flyball!

Contact Information

For more information please contact Sharon Tworek at (317) 831-7683 or Janice Sams at

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