Longleat Tournament Results

Longleat, UK

Division I

2Tornadoes18.56 20.32
3Turbo Jets18.78 21.28
4Henry's Pirates19.10 20.69
5Springbok's20.08 22.81
6Vikings20.19 21.99

Division II

1Comets20.24 24.37
3Bristol Nonames Red21.2326.42
4Bassett Allsorts22.4625.27
5Tornadoes Too21.9523.74
6Jesey Hi-Flyers25.2923.66


1Tiger Cubs20.55 24.38
2Jets If Only20.4722.61
4Sherbitz 'n' Bobs23.0430.05
5Hoochie Coochies22.8923.44
6Northern Lights24.5929.36
7Jersey Hi-Flyers33.1747.36

Nigel Bouckley reports:

The Open and Multibreed was held on Thursday and Friday proved to be even better, with our friends from Belgium and Holland running dogs in a pairs competition, coupled with Bob Murray running Kevin McNicholas's dog Twisty, we had a great afternoon of true International Flyball Racing, which even saw a young Labarador jump the 3 foot ring netting and dive in the river to cool off, obvoiusly the pressure was too great .

I would like to thank Bob and NAFA for making the event one to go down in history. The BFA are hoping to recipricate, by getting some of us over the pond, and we hope to see more International flyballers at Longleat next year.

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