NAFA® Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame

NAFA International will induct up to two dogs per year into the Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of Fame. Using the following criteria, NAFA members are asked to nominate candidates they consider deserving of this award.

Please submit a brief resume of fifty words or less and include the dog's name, NAFA (or team) number, breed, team or teams raced with and reasons he/she deserves consideration. Each year all candidates will be judged by NAFA's Board of Directors in order of merit. A list of five finalists will be selected and put to a delegate vote. Each year the two dogs gaining the most votes will be inducted into the NAFA Clyde Moore Memorial Hall of fame.

Please submit nominations by August 1 of each year to NAFA.

Current Inductees

Wyn Wyn, a Border Collie, owned by Mike Randall of Blockade Runners.
Speedy Speedy, an American Staffordshire Terrier, owned by Connie Croley of Rude Dogs.
Picture of Dojan Dojan, a Doberman Pinscher, owned by Eric Tindall of Maximum Overdrive. Shawna Shawna, a Shetland Sheedog, owned by Deb Brink of Animal Inn
Picture of Onyx Onyx, a Doberman Pinscher, owned by Clyde Moore of Pawbusters


[photo] Flash, a Border Collie, owned by Doug Smuck of Border Patrol
Picture of Vesta Vesta, a Labrador Retriever owned by Marty Fulton of Animal Inn. Vesta's titles include ONYX, American CDX, Canadian CD, WD, AD, and CGC. Zeke, a Border Collie ownded by Phyllis Askew of Front Runners. Zekes's titles include FGDCh, U-CDX, AG-1, UD, NA, Can CDX, NGC, and TDI.
Picture of Damien Bergman's Blacky (Damien), a Labrador Retriever owned by Nancy Little of Animal Inn, Damien's titles include FDCH, Can/Am OTCH, & WCX. No picture available Sueview's Bluestar Sapphire (Sapphire), a Doberman Pinscher owned by Faye Guest of McCann vs McCann. Sapphire's titles include CAN OTCH, AM UD, and FDCH.
Picture of Cisco Starbright Cisco Kid (Cisco), a Belgian Tervuren owned by Pam Schultz of Front Runners. Cisco's titles include AM/CAN CH, AM/CAN UDTX, HIC, TT, & FDCH.

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