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Fastest Times (NAFA)

History of World Records
Date Team State/
09/05/04 SpringLoaded MI 15.36
09/04/04 SpringLoaded MI 15.43
07/19/03 SpringLoaded MI 15.54
06/01/03 SpringLoaded MI 15.75
04/12/03 SpringLoaded MI 15.77
08/18/02 Rocket Relay ON 15.83
08/19/01 Rocket Relay ON 15.88
7/24/99Instant ReplayON 16.06
11/27/98Border PatrolON16.20
6/21/98Rocket RelayON16.35
8/10/97Instant ReplayON16.42
7/12/97Instant ReplayON16.52
6/8/97Total RecallON16.70
7/28/96Instant ReplayON16.93
7/29/95Instant ReplayON16.96
3/11/95Border PatrolON17.05
7/30/94McCann AON17.24
9/3/93Border PatrolON17.27
8/31/93McCann vs McCannON17.29
12/11/92McCann vs McCannON17.62
8/23/92McCann vs McCannON17.72
6/13/92McCann vs McCannON17.76
5/23/92McCann vs McCannON17.78
8/17/91McCann vs McCannON17.83
12/15/90Border PatrolON17.89
9/16/89McCann vs McCannON19.88
4/1/89McCann vs McCannON20.37
12/11/88McCann vs McCannON20.39
9/17/88McCann vs McCannON21.25
4//88McCann vs McCannON21.53
3/19/88McCann vs McCannON21.69
7/18/87Front RunnersMI21.48
3/15/87Animal InnMN22.01
9/13/86Front RunnersMI22.96
 Canine ExpressMI24.49
Regular Class Sep 05, 2004
Springloaded has smashed the world record several times in a few weeks while competing in the Multibreed class. On Aug 21, 2004 at the Binbrook tournament they ran 15.54 which tied the Open World Record. On Sep 04, 2004, at the Vassar tournament, they broke the open and multi records with a 15.43. Not satisfied with that astounding time, they came back the next day and ran 15.36. All three lineups were identical:

MultiBreed Class Sep 5, 2004
Springloaded has smashed the Multi record several times in a few weeks. On Aug 21, 2004 at the Binbrook tournament they ran a verified 15.54 which tied the Open World Record. On Sep 04, 2004, at the Vassar tournament, they broke the open and multi records with a 15.43. Not satisfied with that astounding time, they came back the next day and ran 15.36 All three lineupswere identical:

History of Multibreed World Records
Date Team State/
09/05/04 Spring Loaded MI 15.36
09/04/04 Spring Loaded MI 15.43
8/21/04 Spring Loaded MI 15.54
3/28/04 Spring Loaded MI 15.66
3/27/04 Spring Loaded MI 15.74
3/30/03 Spring Loaded MI 15.98
3/02/03 Spring Loaded MI 16.01
3/01/03 Spring Loaded MI 16.05
12/01/02 Rude Dogs MI 16.19
8/31/02 Spring Loaded MI 16.22
8/31/02 Spring Loaded MI 16.31
3/30/02 Rude Dogs MI 16.33
4/8/01 Rude Dogs MI 16.51
7/24/99 Rocket Relay ON 16.64
8/26/97 Instant Replay ON 16.98
xx/xx/97 Instant Replay ON 17.21
10/22/95 McCann vs McCann ON 17.36
4/9/95 McCann vs McCann ON 17.62
7/31/94 McCann vs McCann ON 18.12
5/15/94 McCann vs McCann ON 18.56
8/22/93 Rude Dogs MI 18.63
7/26/92 Allsorts Dogsports MB 18.88
5/17/92 Allsorts Dogsports MB 19.07
4/11/92 McCann vs McCann ON 19.69
8/17/91 McCann vs McCann ON 20.05
xx/xx/91 Pawbusters MI 20.31

NAFA records are verified by video tape. Glenn Hamilton explains what NAFA does to verify a record: The race is timed on the tape with a stop watch to confirm that the right race is being reviewed. The tape is then replayed in slow motion watching the following:
  1. Did the green light come on before the dog arrived at the start line?
  2. Watch each exchange to ensure that the returning dog crosses the line before the next dog. It is not enough for the returning dog to break his beam, he must cross the line.
  3. Does the returning dog have a ball in his mouth?
  4. Did the line judge throw a flag for an infraction that the lights didn't catch?

If all of the above are met, the record stands.


Fastest Times (BFA)

Regular Class   March 30, 1997

Jets ran 16.75 (a world record at the time) with the following lineup:

  1. Frog: a 4 year old lemon & white WSD, owned and run by Carol Plumbly.
  2. Asher: a 3 year old black and white WSD, the height dog, measures 16.5". Asher is a rescue dog and is run by Steph Banyard.
  3. Sonny: a 6 year old (old man of the team ;-)) Black and white WSD, owned by Wayne O'Rourke and run by Penny Wittwer.
  4. Barney: a 3 year old black and white WSD, owned by Mr and Mrs Desty and run by Wayne O'Rourke. Barney's owners are not really Flyballers and Wayne borrows Barney for Flyball, it brings a whole new meaning of "can I take your dog for a walk - sir?"


Fastest Times (Belgium)

June 28, 2004

The Belgian flyball record was broken by the Lupus Need For Speed team with a time of 17.06 seconds. They broke a two year old record of 17.35 seconds held by Black Brains I team.


Fastest Times (Australia)

Jun 13, 2004
The current Australian record of 18.47 secs is held by the Parramatta Shockwave and was set at the Winter Classic in Canberra on Sun 13th June 2004. The height was 14", The surface was grass and the flyball box was made by Steve Pitt of K-9 Sports & Equipment. The dogs were For a complete history of australian records, visit the Australian Flyball Association's records page.

Youngest Handler

Teresa Swanson, now with Happy Hurdlers, was 5 years old when she started running her Sheltie, Madison, in NAFA sanctioned tournaments.

Lissa Thomas reports that her daughter Kaitlin Cortenbach has been loading and running her Jack Russell, Sabrina, on the Santa Barbara Flyers since 1995 when she was 5 years old.

At the 2009 CanAm Lee Heighton witnessed Gia Pope, 4 years old, handling her Jack Russell Terrier, Skeet. Gi has been handling with assistance since she was 2, but just began handling on her own at 4.

Micheal Randall's daughter started handling dogs and loading boxes when she was four although by the time she was 7 or 8 she lost interest in Flyball.

Largest Dog to Run

Frankie Frankie, a Great Dane owned by Cathy Mitchell with CDTC Leaps N Bounds weighs in at 189 pounds.

Smallest Dog to Run

Dixie, a Pommeranian owned by by Carol Fatheree of Texas AllStar Express weighs in at 3.5 pounds.

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