Sasha (FGCH)

Sasha is a Labrador Retriever owned by Kathryn Hogg. She was born on May 27, 1990, started her Flyball training in May 1991, and competed from Jan 1992 to Nov 2001. Sadly Sasha was diagnosed with cancer in her scapula in May, 2002 and was put down on June 19, 2002. She is missed terribly and will always have a special place in my heart and memories. I only hope that I made her life half as rewarding as she made mine.

At the River City Tournament in Omaha on April, 1996 she was the fastest Labrador in the single dog racing with a time of 4.83 seconds over 12" jumps. She is the third lab to earn the Flyball Grand Champion (FGDCH) and was also the #3 Labrador in the NAFA Breed Analysis as of Feb 28, 2001.

Labrador Retriever 607 456 386 279 84 30 19 12 2
  Cosmo Michael Zamonski 45087 On The Rebound
Pasha Libbie Brandt 32825 Hit Squad
Sasha Kathryn Hogg 30019 Happy Hurdlers
Sir Tyler of Triever Jennifer Durocher 28256 Canine Express
Tyler Jeremy Gleason 27296 Happy Hurdlers
First FMX 05/30/92 Vesta Marty Fulton
First FMCH 07/18/93 Vesta Marty Fulton
First ONYX 04/01/95 Vesta Marty Fulton
First FGDCH 09/18/99 Cosmo Michael Zamonski
See the whole picture (not cropped)

Waiting to run.

waiting to run

Coming back over the jumps


Getting used to the curved box, notice how she's stretched out.

hitting box

Here she is really stretched out because she was still unsure of the box

really stretched out

Here she is being alot less hesitant with the box

much better

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