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Box and Jump Plans


Jumps and Training Aids


Timing Systems & Lights

Practice starting light tree:

AccuPass Passing System by John Thomas.

William Carrothers' Watch-Dog Flyball Timing System offers affordable Stand-Alone And PC based Electronic Judging systems for Flyball.

Al Champlain's Timing Lights (free plans).

Lineup Time Estimators

TMAX 2.0, the team maximizing program: Bob Long has written a program that takes input a list of dogs and their performance characteristics (i.e time, positions they must/must not run in, etc) and generates a list of possible lineups and their expected times

Seedtime Program calculates seed times for teams based on probabilities. It's designed to save race data for individual dogs and for teams. The user's manual for the program is available as a pdf file at Skidmarkz web site. Download (or view online) the manual to see what you think! It includes screen shots from the program so you can see what it's like and how it works. Order information at site; cost is $20 US.

Mini Balls

SitStay has various sizes of balls.

Tiny keychain tennis balls can be purchased for $1.50 (+tax) each at Clarke Distributing in Houston with no minimum order. They can be reached at:

Mack Clarke
Clarke Distributing
9233 Bryant
Houston, TX 77075
(713) 944-0275

J & J Dog Supplies now offers a 2" mini tennis ball for $2.00 each (no word if they are hollow or solid). Their new catalog also contains a small Flyball box, books, wooden hurdles, and plastic hurdles.


FlyballNut FlyballSpot AgiliTees
Karen Michalski's Flyball apparel Lisa Brockmeier's Flyball frivolities & apparel Shirts for the dog sports enthusiast with a sense of humor
Like Woof Tedster Turkeybrook Embroidery
T-shirts, caps, graphic design, custom screenprinting, and embroidery Tedster Wear Flyball Apparel Sweatshirts

Dawg On Totes

Posters & Multimedia


24 by 36 inches, full color, on high-quality gloss paper with a sprayed protective coating. The slogan is:

The Sport For Frequent Flyers...

[Photo of dog unavailable due to copyright constraints]


The picture was the leadoff photo in the Los Angeles Times Orange County edition article about Orange Crush. The dog's front legs are completely tucked up and there is a very determined, intense look on her face. The background is blurred, indicating her speed and the setting sunlight is on her face. The photographer captured the speed, grace, and athleticism of Flyball. He also won first place in a photography contest with this picture.

Price: $2.50 (US) each plus shipping and handling.
Ordering Info: Please contact Tom O'Keefe with the word "Poster" in the subject line.

Bumper Stickers & Auto Accessories

[Flyball Fever] Flyball Fever license plate holder. To order send a check for $5.00 plus $1.25 (e-mail Jenn if ordering multiples) for shipping made out to Canine Express to
Jenn DuRocher
38324 Santa Anna
Clinton Twp, MI 48036

[Bumper Sticker] Life in Fast Lane Flyball bumper sticker by Catchers on the Fly.

Novelty Items


Spring Loaded's Expert Flyball Training Series Volume One: Foundations of Puppy Training concentrates on developing chase drive and ball possession in puppies or dogs new to the sport of flyball.

Visit for further information.


Flyball Books

i These books are available from Dogwise (formerlly Direct Book Service) 1-800-776-2665 (509-663-9115), 509-662-7233 FAX, email:

Other Books

Training Seminars

Collars, Harnesses, & Leads

GettyGear offers both standard and customized fabric & webbing collars & leashes in addition to fleece, rabbit fur, rope and milker tug toys. Neoprene collars are great for flyball, dockdiving, or any dog that pulls! Customize your own special gear for your dog!

Rush to Tug offers personalized Flyball collars lined with fleece available in your team colors. We also offer fleece braided slip and clip leads, plus fleece braided martingale leads that can also be personalized. Tug toys with fur and tennis balls, all these products and more are available at

Kathy Kennedy sells 1" buckle collars or 2" wide velcro close collars for $12.50 each in your teams color with your dog's name on the handle. Matching leashes also for $6.00. You can contact Kathy via e-mail at

Calypso Designs - Paula Collins makes Flyball collars in a huge variety of colors: plain or "fancy" to match your team colors. Please e-mail her at or call(902) 386-2327 for more information.

Mountain DOG manufactures dog collars, leads, harnesses, Flyball collars, martingales, kennel carriers, and brace couplers. All their products are made from the same webbing mountain climbers use. They offer products in 5/8" and 1" webbing. They have 11 unique designs and use a bar tacking machine on all products which produces a very secure stitch.

Flyball harness: $22.00 for 1" webbing, and $21.00 for 5/8" webbing.
Flyball collars: $15.00
Martingales: $10-$12
Adjustable collars: $9-$10
Leads: $10-$15
Kennel carriers: $6.00
Couplers: $7-$8
For more information contact via e-mail at, Fax 815-372-2417, or phone 815-372-2422 or check out their Mountain Dog web site.

Lupine Pet Accessories sells collars and harnesses. Some models have handles that make them suitable as Flyball collars or Flyball harnesses. To order a catalog or get information on retail outlets call 1-800-228-WOLF.

Handcraft Collars sells a Flyball collar.

Tugs & Toys

Fun With Fleece Custom braided flyball tugs and leashes
phone: (evenings) 813-915-9485,

Wraps & Other Protection

Sheri Zamonski is selling Powerflex wrap for:

Please contact:

Sheri Zamonski
1137 Willow Lane
Howell MI 48843


Marti Jadd,, is a distributor for all types of matting and has an online catalogue.

Another source is Consolidated Plastics Company, 800-362-1000

Mats Inc manufactures the Soft Spun antifatigue matting. Please speak to David Cassady at 800.628.7462 ext 244 or for a special Flyball club discount.

Cooling Devices

Dog bed Works has a variety of dog beds including a cooling bed that is filled with water rather than soaking in water.

Dog Camps

Electrolyte Supplements

Electrolyte supplements can be used for dogs as a canine Gatorade. One brand available is K-9 BlueLite TM (a tasty, buffered, electrolyte-vitamin- mineral- multiple energy, rehydration supplement for use in water or on food for dogs of any age.) available from Tech Mix.

Power Bone sells a Power Bar like snack for canines.

Shark's Cartilage is available in capsules, powder, and/or in full strength natural biscuit from:

Waggin' Tails800-946-8245
Jeffers Vet Supply800-633-7592
Care-A-Lot Pet Supply 800-343-7680


Liability insurance coverage is available from
Hanover Insurance Company
100 North Parkway
Worster, MA 01605-1396

The policy type is listed as Sportsman's Insurance Agency Plan. Michelle Merchant is a representative and can answer questions. She can be reached at 315-654-2068.

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