Volume 3, Issue 5, December 1997
The Official Newsletter of the North American Flyball Association
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In this Issue:

NAFA Champions

1997 Regional Champions

RegionRegular Class4/Breed Class
Region 1SlammersRude Dogs
Region 2Total RecallInstant Replay
Region 3Animal InnAnimal Inn
Region 4River City Flyers 
Region 5Top Dog Racers 
Region 6Touch-N-GoTouch-N-Go
Region 7Soundbreakers 
Region 8Allsorts DogsportsAllsorts Dogsports
Region 9Harrier Jump Jets 
1997 NAFA® Champions
Total Recall
1997 NAFA® 4/Breed Champions
Instant Replay

NAFA Records

Regular Class16.42August 10, 1997Instant Replay
4/Breed Class16.98September 4, 1997Instant Replay
Hall of Fame
Dojan and Shawna

Executive Director's Corner

by Clyde Moore

Thanks to everyone who voted for me. I would also like to personally thank Bob Murray for all the contributions he has made to NAFA and Flyball while serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the last 5 years. Thanks also to Noel Kujawski (5 years) and Melanie McAvoy (2 years) for all the help they gave me while serving as Board members. I am looking forward to working with Sue Rogers, Bob Long, and Dale Smith as they begin their 3 year terms as Board Members.

For your information:

The Board of Directors has reviewed the video tape of Total Recall's September 4 "unofficial" record run of 16.33. The Board decided that the run could not be accepted as a new record.

Hall of Fame Policy Change
Nominations now have to be received by May 31st
Welcome New Board Members:

Rules and Policies 1997 edition have either been mailed or hand delivered. If your captain has not received it by January 1, 1998, Please contact
Melanie McAvoy.

Judges Approved

Approved Head Judge: Mike Manos
Provisional Judges: Denice Lacey, Doug May

Telephone Calls To Melanie

Those who feel it necessary to call Melanie McAvoy on her personal line are requested to do so during the following hours:
Mon-Fri: 6.00 P.M. to 10.00 P.M
Sat-Sun: 12.00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. Central Time

Words from the Chairman

by Steve McAvoy

To start with, I would like to thank the members of the Board for electing me to the position of Chairman for the upcoming year and I would also like to thank the outgoing chairman, Bob Murray, for his years of service on the Board. His leadership brought the Board to a new level of professionalism that we will continue to build upon.

1997 was a very good year for NAFA with a record number of tournaments hosted and CRN's applied for, Flyball is having tremendous growth and 98 looks even busier. Along with growth comes change, in 1998 we have to improve and streamline NAFA. First and foremost will be our communication with our judges and teams, this can be accomplished by more judge's newsletters and a set schedule for the NAFA NEWS. We are in the early stages of developing a training video to be used by all NAFA judges and officials. Many of you have heard we will be sending out a proposal for a jump height card to the delegates for them to vote on. Delegates when you get the proposal in the new year, please read it carefully and decide if you think it would be in the best interest of Flyball to adopt this system.

Our methods of tabulating points for dogs is antiquated and needs to be upgraded, we will be discussing this at the first board meeting to be held in Chicago, IL on January 24th, 1998. Anyone who feels they could help NAFA in any of the areas I listed above, or in any other aspect of Flyball, please contact myself or any other Board member, your input is always appreciated and welcomed.

As your Chairman, I will always be available to answer your questions so please feel free to call me at home (309) 688-4915 or leave a message for me on the NAFA number (309) 688-9840. I will return your calls and any inquiries you make to me as quickly as possible.

Let's have a great year of racing in 1998.

Thank you.......Steve McAvoy, Chairman of the Board.


Saturday, 15 November 1997

(Abridged version of the minutes)

Members Present Bob Murray, Alan Weiner, Steve McAvoy, Melanie McAvoy, Noel Kujawski, Val Culpin, Judy Hagan, Katy Kaylor & Marion Brinkman - also present Clyde Moore, the Executive Director

Reports made by: Executive Director, Secretary/Treasurer, and all committee leaders.
OLD BUSINESS Everyone confirms that all letters have been written


  1. Letter from Evelyn Bliss Steve to respond

  2. Height Cards Marion read the proposal that she and Val put together. The opinions of the board are as varied as the respondents of the survey. After much discussion the Board decided to present a reworked proposal at the Annual Meeting. A proposal(s) will also be put forward to the delegates for a vote as soon as possible in the new year. The proposal for Jump Height Cards is as follows:
    • Height cards are to be optional.
    • Applications for height cards, at the cost of $5.00 each, must be applied for through NAFA. Each application will be embossed with the corporate seal and numbered.
    • All dogs will need 3 matching measurements from 3 different approved NAFA judges. One of the three judges must be a NAFA designated supervising head judge.
    • All dogs must be 18 months of age before their first measurement.
    • When a final height card is issued and recorded, it must be presented at each tournament entered and posted. Final jump height cards cannot be contested.
    • Final height cards issued by NAFA will be wallet-size laminated cards and will be good for the life of the dog.

  3. Maximum Overdrive & Instant Replay re: Large Tournaments A discussion was held on allowing a third type of tournament format (an unlimited with a cap/ceiling of 75 teams). This tournament format would take entries as they come until the cap is reached thus allowing teams to have guaranteed multiple entries that is not afforded by limited tournaments. The general feeling was that this was just another form of a limited tournament and there are other ways around this problem that have not yet been tried e.g. Limiting the number of multi-breed entries or running regular divisions on one day and multi on the next day. Judy made the motion to leave the tournament types the way they are for now until other possibilities have been tried. - seconded by Val. in favour: 6 - Val, Judy, Katy, Melanie, Steve & Noel; opposed: 2 - Alan & Marion

  4. NAFA News re: Printing the minutes of Board Meetings and Promptness It was agreed that we must make more of an effort to the NAFA News out at regular intervals. It was also agreed upon that we include an abridged version of the minutes in the NAFA News.

    A motion was made by Val that an abridged version of the minutes be published in the NAFA news - seconded by Alan -the motion was passed unanimously. The abridged version is to include all policy and guideline changes, surrounding discussions,and a list of letters received.

  5. Tournament Formats re: # of teams per day Letter concerning large one-day-one ring unlimited tournaments and the length of the racing day. After a discussion it was decided that there is nothing the NAFA Board or the Executive director can really do about this since people are willing to enter these tournaments knowing that they will in all likelihood be quite large.

  6. Tournament Formats re: # of teams per division It was decided that this is not within the jurisdiction of the NAFA Board but Clyde will write a letter to all regional directors recommending that whenever possible to run divisions of less than 4 teams in combination with the next division but keep the placements separate. It was agreed that this was a better idea than equal divisions regardless of submitted times.

  7. Approving Judges for '98 Doug May and Denise Lacey are approved as apprentice judges. Mike Manos qualifies as a new judge being grandfathered in under the old system.

  8. Breed registrations Changing the breed registered on your CRN can not be made without prior NAFA approval. NAFA will not change the breed registered on CRNs to mixed but may change mixed to a breed if proof is furnished. Therefore the change from Border Collie to Border Collie Cross will not permitted. NAFA also requires proof that a Stud Book exists for "North American Shepherds" Judy is investigating and until proven otherwise NAFA cannot allow the registration of a CRN under that "breed". Therefore previously registered Australian Shepherds can not be changed to North American Shepherds and no dogs will obtain a CRN under North American Shepherd.

  9. Approving Tournament Sites e.g. Livestock Barns etc. There is a possibility that people and dogs may become ill running in Livestock barns/arenas (housing cattle, swine & poultry) due to unhygienic conditions. Supporting letters from doctors and researchers were presented. Horse barns/arenas are to be exempt from the definition of livestock barns/arenas.

    A motion was made by Katy that NAFA will not sanction future tournaments in buildings that house cattle, swine or poultry. - seconded by Noel - the motion was passed unanimously.

  10. Prong Collars With public perception in mind, Katy would like the ruling on prong collars to be change from not allowed in the racing ring to not allowed at the tournament site. A discussion was held about prong collars vs slip collars in obedience training was held. A motion was made by Katy to change the rule on Prong Collars to forbid them at the tournament site. - Seconded by Melanie - in favour: 5 - Melanie Katy Steve Alan & Val; Opposed: 3 - Marion, Judy & Noel - the motion was passed." Section 6.15(d) will now read "Electronic, electronic dummy and pinch/prong collars are forbidden from tournament grounds. Halters, including "haltees", will not be allowed in the racing ring. Flat collars, slip collars and harnesses are the only acceptable type of collar.

  11. Hall of Fame After a discussion about the Hall of Fame, it was decided that a change to Chapter 4 is needed. A motion was made by Steve that "NAFA will induct 2 dogs per year" should read "NAFA may induct 2 dogs per year" - seconded by Val - the motion passed unanimously Also in order to be inducted into the Hall of Fame a dog must have 50% or more of the vote returned.

  12. Starting Lights Letter questioning some NAFA approved lights. It was decided that NAFA will send its lights to tournaments. Clyde to respond.

  13. Letter from Mark Hartley Clyde to respond.

  14. Next Board Meeting The next board meeting is tentatively set for 24 January 1998.


Saturday evening, 15 November 1997

All Executive Board members in attendance.

  1. Clyde made an opening statement and welcomed everyone.
  2. Bob introduced the Board members
  3. Clyde apologised on behalf of the Board for not having the accountants financial statement ready for the meeting but promised that it would be out soon with the NAFA News.
  4. Katy read out the 1997 Regional Champions and the NAFA National Champions in both the regular and multi-breed Classes. Congratulations to all.
  5. Marion read out the proposal for Height Cards. Lively discussion followed.
  6. Bob mentioned that another set of lights was in the works and should be available soon.
From the Floor: discussions included Shortening the distance between limited tournaments on the same day in high density flyball areas, 6" jump heights, 14" maximum heights, new teams receiving one delegate vote as soon as they have run in their first tournament and the breakdown of divisions at tournaments - should they be equal numbers or not. All people bringing up these points were asked to submit a proposal in writing for consideration at the next Board meeting.

Results of the Election Congratulations to Hall of Fame inductees: Shawna from Animal Inn and Dojan from Maximum Overdrive.
Congratulations on their election to the NAFA Executive Board: Sue Rogers, Bob Long & Dale Smith
Congratulations on his re-election as NAFA's Executive Director: Clyde Moore

Board of Directors "Mini-Meeting"

(which followed the Annual General Meeting)

The six remaining Board members stayed behind to elect a new Chairman of the Board. Congratulations to Steve on his election as Chairman of the Board. We all know that he will do an outstanding job and we all look forward to working with him.