Volume 3, Number 1, January 1997
The Official Newsletter of the North American Flyball Association
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In this Issue:

Executive Director's Corner

by Clyde Moore

I really don't have a lot to say since the last issue of NAFA News, of which I am sure you are glad. There are a couple of things that are troubling me however.

  1. It seems to me that some of the competitors do not realize how much of an investment the host clubs have in the matting they have to provide to hold a tournament on indoor solid surfaces. If they did, they would take the time to trim their dogs nails prior to the tournament. I have seen many nails too long and needle sharp, and many mats ripped by these same nails. I can assure you that these long, sharp nails do not make your dog faster, so PLEASE trim your dog's nails out of consideration to your Host Club.

  2. Tournaments with unlimited entries always seem to receive a couple of entries postmarked prior to, but received after the closing date. This is especially true where entries have to go between US & Canada. Remember, the Tournament Director does not have to accept your entry according to the postmark, so you would be smart to let the tournament director know your entries are in the mail, and may be a day or two late. It always amazes me that tournaments double or triple their entries in the last week.

That is all the soapbox for nw, but I do have a couple of announcements.

Mike Randall has resigned as Regional Director for Region #9. Until someone else is appointed, I will be serviing as temporary RD. If anyone from Region #9 is interested in this position, please contact me by March 1, 1997.

NAFA plans a reprinting of their brochures in the near future, so any equipment manufacturer who wishes to be listed should submit a list of the products along with their address and phone # to me by March 1, 1997.

Words from the Chairman

by Bob Murray

I was in England in September where I judged a tournament sanctioned by the BFA, hosted by the Jets Flyball Teams, and sponsored by Techni-Cal Pet Food. The location, Longleat Estate, home of the Marquiss of Bath, on the banks of the river was beautiful. My main claim to fame was that we brought good weather, 75 and sunny all the time we were there. The tournament was very well organized and the divisions very competitive. The Jets winning the top division with a best time of 17.589 with room for improvement. Considering the hard work and dedication that was very noticable from all the participants their times will definetely improve. The sportsmanship and the help given freely between teams was very sincere, through the whole tournament the seemed to bem lets all have a good time including the dogs. To mention all the Flyball people we met would take too long but I would like to thank them all for their hospitality. Special mention has to go to our hosts Penny and Anton Wittwer, and their teammates who entertained us from early morning to early evening. Kevin McNicholas's humour on the mike is another story. Nigel Bouckley who transported us to the airport and hauled our luggage to the counter, without him we would still be in the parking lot. There are many fond memories that will be with us together.

Next Board Meeting: February 15 in Detroit

The Board has not met since before the last issue of NAFA NEWS was published. As a result, there is little new business to report in this issue. The NAFA Directory has been revised to reflect the changes resulting from the recent elections, and as usual, the current tournament listing is included.

1996 NAFA Awards

NAFA Champions

NAFA Multibreed Co-Champions

Regional Champions

  1. Rude Dogs (MI, OH, PA)
  2. Instant Replay (ON, NY)
  3. Animal Inn (MN, WI, NE)
  4. Smack Dab (IN, IL, IA, MO)
  5. Houston Flyball Association (TX, LA, KS)
  6. Touch N Go (CA, NV, AZ)
  7. Camrose Kings (WA, BC)
  8. Allsorts Dogsports (MB, SK, AB)
  9. No Champion Named (MD, VA, NC, SC, GA)