The Black Sheep Squadron Flyball team was registered with the North American Flyball Association (NAFA) August 18th 1995 by Karen, Larry, and Katie Banks, Amy Jovanovich and Janine Jordan. The team is located in Chicago, Illinois and practices both in the city and in the northern suburbs.

The team's current best time of 20.01 seconds (see world rankings) was set by the original all Border Collie team of Cody, Simon, Kirby and Wilma. We are a small group of long time members and we try to stay laid back about this game we play with our dogs. The team's philosophy is to get all dog's full point runs and most importantly have fun racing!

In addition to traveling throughout the Midwest for Flyball tournaments, Black Sheep Squadron have performed Flyball demonstrations during half times for the Chicago Bulls and Harlem Globetrotters basketball teams.