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Scout on the slide Scout Scout at the box
Owner: Mary Potts
Mixed DOB: 1/20/96
CRN: 960767

Scout is one of our height dogs and is a bundle of energy. Scout is an outstanding canine disc dog and is the current holder of the IDDHA small dog distance record. She has been featured on the 2000 Incredible Dog Challenge in Chicago for her canine disc talents. Scout is always ready to play flyball, canine disc or go for a swim.

Ulu Herding Ulu Ulu Jumping
Ulu van de Duvetorre
Owner: Charlene Denys
Belgian Laekenois DOB: 6/5/1996
Other Titles: U-UD U-AG2 HTD1sg HRD2s BH SCT FMD TF2 VCX2
CRN: 980179

Ulu is a Belgian Laekenois, the least known of the four types of Belgian shepherd. She came from Belgium as a tiny puppy, ready for adventures and action! She's loyal, affectionate, has been a great mom to her puppies, and wishes there were a sport devoted to retrieving kongs from lakes. She's taught me a lot about dog training... especially the part where she figures things out faster than I do!

Milo at home Milo Milo at the box
Owner: Nancy Nakagawa
Border Collie DOB: 11/14/1998 (?)
Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S, FDCH-G, FM, FMX
Other Titles: UAG-I
CRN: 001321

Milo is a rescue dog from Lisa Ochoa of Illini Border Collie Rescue. He is a tri-colored rough coated Border Collie. Before rescue he had spent his whole life outdoors with no real training. He is very sweet and tries his hardest to learn and please everyone. Lisa had mentioned in her description of Milo: "His other outstanding characteristic is his extreme attachment to tennis balls." That has proven to be true of Milo who would rather play ball than do anything else.

Kegan standing Kegan Keegan at the box
Owner: Mary Potts
Australian Shepherd DOB: 8/3/1998
Flyball Titles: FD
CRN: 990284

Kegan loves to hang out on the couch with his Mom. We're hoping that Kegan will soon decide that flyball is worthy of his energy. Kegan does play canine disc and his "Big Air" is always a crowd pleaser. Kegan enjoys amusing people with his tricks.

Carson in the backyard Carson  
Owner: Mary Potts
Australian Shepherd/Border Collie Mix DOB: 7/2000
Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S, FDCH-G
CRN: 020686

Carson will be debuting in flyball in the 2002 season. She was adopted from Just Animals in Seneca, IL in Dec. of 2000. Carson is also a disc dog whose unique looks always draws a crowd.

Jezabel Jezabel Jezabel
Owner: Shelley Weakly
Rat Terrier DOB: ********
Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S
CRN: 040764

Don't let her small size fool you. Jezabel packs a lot of game into her 12 inches while keeping the jump height low for the big dogs. While she's had her ups and downs on the track with various injuries, she has never stopped pulling to go. The only thing she might like more than flyball is a good belly-rub in the morning. Jez is a dedicated height dog, cheerleader, and crumb sweeper for the Black Sheep team.