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The beloved dogs who played on our teams and who are retired or no longer with us.

Mr. Peabody smiling Mr. Peabody Mr. P at the box
Owner: Nancy Nakagawa
Border Collie DOB: 05/20/1994
Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S, FDCH-G, FM, FMX
Other Titles: U-ACHX, OA, OAJ
CRN: 980357

Mr. Peabody was a tri-colored rough coated Border Collie bred at Marshall Kennels in Illinois. He came to Flyball as a means to "tire him out". Peabody came to Flyball racing as an older dog, when he was four, and he loved it immediately. While practicing Agility since he was three, he only started competing at six. He was a "once in a lifetime dog": smart, fast, agile, sweet, and confident.

Jake on the dog walk Jake  
Owner: Mary Potts
Shetland Sheep Dog DOB: 6/11/1992
CRN: 930937

Jake is the leader of the Flydogs pack and loves to play flyball. His favorite activity is to spin and bark and get everyone excited. Jake is a miracle flyball dog, returning to competition after two serious injuries after accidents with Tessa and Kegan. His tender sheltie bones do not handle the rough housing of Border Collies and Australian Shepherds. Jake is a once in a lifetime dog.

Tessa in the yard Tessa Tessa at the box
Owner: Mary Potts
Border Collie DOB: Unknown
Flyball Titles: FD, FDX, FDCH, FDCH-S, FDCH-G, FM
CRN: 950041

Tessa entered my life in December of 1993 when I adopted her from a Rescue Organization in Michigan. Tessa was in poor condition and had a long recovery road ahead of her to become a confident dog. Tessa overcame many problems to become a reliable flyball dog. She is semi-retired now, but still enjoys playing flyball, although her favorite game will always be swimming after tennis balls. Tessa is a prime example of what patience, love and time can achieve with a rescued dog.

Allie formal photo Allie Allie at the box
Owner: Amy Tatlock and Rob Burt
Border Collie DOB:
Flyball Titles: FD, FDCH, FDX, FDCH-S, FDCH-G
CRN: 000593