Volume 2, Number 1, January 1996
The Official Newsletter of the North American Flyball Association
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In this Issue:

NAFA Annual Meeting Held in Minnesota

The Board of Directors of NAFA, Inc. met in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota on November 10 & 11, 1995, during the Flying Red Rangers Flyball Tournament. Traveling to Minnesota gave the Board members a chance to meet with and talk to many of the Flyball enthusiasts from Minnesota and Manitoba.

The full Board and its committees met several times prior to the Annual Meeting which was held on the Saturday evening.

Much of the Board's time was spent grappling with the thorny issue of what criteria to use to establish Annual Champions, both at the Regional and North American levels. Criteria for the North American and Regional Champions were established and a Regular Class Champion were named. The selection of Multi-breed champions was put over until the next meeting. The criteria will be published once the Board is satisfied that it has criteria that will work equitably under all circumstances in the different Regions within NAFA.

The results of the election for three new Board Members were announced. The board congratulates Steve McAvoy on his re-election, Steve has made valuable contributions to NAFA as chair of the Regulatory Committee. Two new members were elected along with Steve. Val. Culpin from British Columbia and Alan Weiner from Texas were welcomed to the Board. Congratulations to both! The fact that the Board now has members from each major area of activity is a good sign for the future strength of the Flyball Organization. No one should feel isolated from what "they" are deciding at Board Meetings.

Another important topic of discussion was nominations to the Hall of Fame. Five dogs were nominated, from these the Board considered that three were eligible to put forward to a delegate vote. The dogs named as candidates are:

Another item of interest was some discussion on how to recognize the relationship between NAFA and Kathryn Hogg, who has been doing such a great job for us with the Internet. As an initial step Kathryn has been named to a Public Relations Committee which will also include Glenn Hamilton and Bob Murray.

The application of the Aggression Rule (6.17) to dogs that repeatedly chased other dogs or crossed into other lanes was discussed. It was suggested that Judges should communicate among themselves about such behaviour patterns.

Some discussion on the idea of holding a National Tournament took place. The Board is open to proposals on how this might be done.

Congrtulations to Debbie Brink and Sheltie, Shana on their ONYX Award!

The next meeting of the Board will be on February 3, in Toronto, ON.

From the Starting Line

by Dennis Wieske

In spite of our best efforts, there may come a time when a team must pull itself from tournament competition. Usually it is too late for the tournament director to change the schedule. When this happens all of their races are declared forfeit and the tournament is kept on schedule.

In accordance with the Rules for Competition, section 6.14 (b), Teams that win by forfeit must complete the minimum required heats scheduled to qualify for points awarded in round-robin or to advance in double elimination competition. If, another team is not available to compete, the team shall race without an opponent.

The head judge will conduct this race in the same fashion as any other race in the tournament. The competing team must complete each required heat in order to be declared the winner of that race. If the team is unable to complete a heat, the head judge should stop the heat and indicate a loss on the time sheet. The head judge should ask the team captain to replace the offending dog then start the next heat. The team may only run as many heats as allowed for in the tournament format (2 out of 3, 3 out of 5, etc.).

Using a 3 out of 5 format for an example. In double elimination competition, if the team is unable to complete the necessary heats(3) in the allotted attempts(5), then the team would drop down into the losers bracket. If the team is able to complete 3 out of 5, then they will advance to the next round. The forfeiting team will then drop into the losers bracket, and the same rule will apply.

In round-robin competition, where the winner of the race is awarded one tournament point per race, the team must complete 3 of the 5 heats to earn that point. When the winner of each heat is awarded two points, best of 5. Then the competing team will only earn two points for each heat completed.

Executive Director's Corner

by Clyde Moore

As I finish my first year in office, I would like to thank everyone who helped to make this a great year for Flyball competition. In the course of the year I have had the honor to meet many new Flyballers and put faces with some of the voices I have worked with over the years. I am pleased to say that after trips to Texas, California, and Minnesota, Flyball competition in these areas, along with the growth in Regions 7 (BC,WA), 8 (AB,SK,MB), and the newest one 9 (MD,VI,NC,etc.) holds great promise for the future. I was pleased to see the level of competition in these areas and the enthusiasm of the new competitors!

So far this year I have received tournament applications from 2 new tournament hosts and would like to encourage other Flyball clubs to get their feet wet and host their first tournament. It is not as hard as it looks, and many of the older clubs would be willing to help out with your questions. If there is anything I can do to help, don't hesitate to contact me.

There is a Board of Directors meeting scheduled for Feb. 3, 1996 so if you have something on your mind that needs to be discussed, this is the time to let either Bob Murray or myself know.


Note to All Tournament Directors

Clyde Moore, NAFA Executive Director

You have complied with NAFA Rule # 5.1(e) when your tournament is listed in either the NAFA NEWS or the FINISH LINE prior to your closing date. NAFA policy does not consider it is necessary for you to send flyers to all 200 teams to be in compliance with the rules. This should save those of you who are still following the original policy a considerable sum of money.

Words From the Chairman

by Bob Murray

I trust that everyone had an enjoyable Holiday Season. I would like to congratulate our two newly elected Board members, Val. Culpin and Alan Weiner, and a re-elected member Steve McAvoy. Our Board now has representation from Ontario, British Columbia, Minnesota, Texas, Illinois, and Nevada. Michigan is represented through our Executive Director. As you can see we have the North American continent covered pretty well.

The Directors met in Brooklyn Park MN on November 10 at the airport, where we were met and transported to our hotel by Noel Kujawski and Toni Osojnicki (from now on we just use first names) Thank you both very much. Noel also transported us around MN and back to the airport on Sunday. Following supper on Friday, the Board worked until 1:30 am. On Saturday morning we attended the tournament hosted by the Flying Red Rangers Flyball Teams. The individual committees gathered again at 3 PM until 5 PM. The Board reconvened its meeting at 6:45 an continued until 8:00 PM. At 8:15 the Annual Meeting was called to order and continued until 10:30. Following the Annual Meeting the Board members found time to enjoy the hospitality of the Minnesota Flyball people. I can still hear Kevin saying his final "CHUBBY BUNNIES", and I can't forget "Jack the Impostor". Many thanks to everyone who attended.

Editor's Note:
"CHUBBY BUNNIES" is a game that was imported from the UK through our association with the BFA over the Internet. Please ask someone who subscribes the Flyball E-Mail List to explain how it is played. I dont want to go into the details here! "Kevin", I believe, was Kevin Hughes.

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The Final Word

by Steve McAvoy, Chairman Regulatory Committee

For this issue I would like to discuss Rule # 6:16(h) Conduct of the Box Loader.

I have noticed box loaders leaving their box after their team has finished their heat but before the opposing team has finished their heat. Teams need to inform their box loaders to maintain their position at the box until the head judge declares the heat finished by declaring a winner. Please take a few minutes to discuss this with your box loaders, along with the rest of your team. Who knows who might have to load the next race.

Also, a question has been raised about the location of the spare ball bucket during the running of heats. The entire racing area must remain free of obstructions. This includes the area between the box and the backboards. Ball bucket/containers should be placed behind the backboards thus out of the racing area/lanes.

At this time I would like to thank everyone for my re-election to the NAFA Board of Directors. I will continue to work with the Board to make Flyball competition better for everyone in the future.

Wish you all a Happy New Year and hope to see you at a tournament this year.