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Who are we?

Background Info
Our flyball club began in the fall of 1997, operating and training out of the Charlottetown Civic Centre. Named Atlantic Dog Sports, we were owned and operated by David and Em Zember. We began racing in tournaments in 1998, travelling to Halifax and Moncton and hosting our own in Charlottetown. We quickly grew in size from two to five teams.  As well, we managed to climb the flyball ladder over the next three years. Atlantic Dog Sports became ranked 43rd of 245 clubs racing in North America with a time of 19.09 seconds.  Our fastest team became 58th of 868 teams with a time of 18.29 seconds.  Finally, our area became a region (Region 10) in 1999, and we raced to win our first Region Championship.

Very happy with the club's accomplishments, and in pursuit of different thrills, David and Em decided to turn the club ownership over to the club. We sincerely thank David and Em for providing our club with such a strong foundation.  Enter...Fast 'n FURious Flyball club!

Current Club Info
We began the year 2001 with new ownership and a new name. Now called Fast 'n FURious Inc., we are a private, non-profit club.  Still operating out of the Charlottetown Civic Centre, we are now owned by our members and managed by a Board of Directors.  We generally run conditioning and house league practices on Sunday nights.   House league is made up of dogs and handlers interested in competing at the home tourneys only, and those dogs not attending the next away tourney.  We have a wide range of personalities (both canine and human!) which always makes for interesting and fun-filled evenings.

Mission Statement
"The Fast' n FURious Flyball Club is a competitive club which puts emphasis first on the well being of the dogs and their handlers, as well as sportsmanship, teamwork and fun, responsible ownership, and the promotion of the sport of flyball."