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Flyball Classes
Come learn and play with us...all dogs welcome!

We do try outs every year around December/January. (We have not been doing flyball classes but may begin to offer them again in the fall of 2011.)
If you pass the try out, you are invited to join our winter conditioning and train with us for the next 2-3 months. At that time, you and your dog will be assessed for a probationary one-year membership.

We are only interested, at this time at least, in people who are serious
about getting into this team sport as full members. The membership requirements are sometimes too much for some folks. We practice every Sunday from about 2-6 p.m. We host at least three tournament weekends per year and attend another seven or so weekends, mostly within N.B. and N.S. Our racing year goes from March to December.

Because we have had sponsorship and do performance shows, it does not
cost us a lot to play right now. We used to have tournament fees and practice fees. An away tournament weekend generally costs between three and five hundred dollars with bridge, hotels, gas, and meals. Most of us go to all three home tournaments and four or five away tournaments.

In order to pass a try out, your dog should be able to come when called, fairly reliably, with distractions. Your dog should be able to hold, get, and bring a tennis ball. Your dog should know how to work for you with a reward of treats or toys. Your dog needs to be able to get excited but calm when asked. Your dog needs to have dog experience and be able to work in very close and excited quarters with unfamiliar dogs. Any hint of dog aggression is an automatic fail in try outs.

We suggest everyone who is interested come to a practice, once with the dog and once without, and to see a home tournament before fully deciding to pursue this sport. The practice will give you and your dog a chance to check things out close up. You can see the training in action to get ready for a try out. Seeing a tournament lets you see the sport all put together.

Now, if you think you are interested in visiting us or talking more about classes and training, please send an email to ehhigginbotham@gmail.com

In the meantime, if you have questions about our club you can mail them to the address below, or contact any member of our Board of Directors.

Fast 'n' FURious Flyball
PO Box 84
Winsloe, PE
C1E 1Z2